Black Dragon

Published 2020-09-15T08:49:46+00:00

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    $15.00 Black Dragon

    Published 2020-09-15T08:49:46+00:00

    Duncan Shadow


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    Technical Information
    Date published 15/09/2020
    Price $15.00
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    Object Parts
    Files Fdm Arm1 Left.stl
    Files Fdm Arm1 Right.stl
    Files Fdm Arm2 Left.stl
    Files Fdm Arm2 Right.stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Base.stl
    Files Fdm Body.stl
    Files Fdm Body2.Stl
    Files Fdm Body3.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Body4.Stl
    Files Fdm Body5.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Body6.Stl
    Files Fdm Body7.Stl
    Files Fdm Hand Left.stl
    Files Fdm Head1.Stl
    Files Fdm Head2.Stl
    Files Fdm Head3.Stl
    Files Fdm Leg1 Left.stl
    Files Fdm Leg1 Right.stl
    Files Fdm Leg2 Left.stl
    Files Fdm Leg2 Right.stl
    Files Fdm Peg 7 X7.Stl
    Files Fdm Peg Med X5.Stl
    Files Fdm Peg Small X1.Stl
    Files Fdm Scale Box.stl
    Files Fdm Wing1 Left.stl
    Files Fdm Wing1 Right.stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Wing2 Left.stl
    Files Fdm Wing2 Right.stl
    Files Resin Arm1.Stl
    Files Resin Arm2.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Base.stl
    Files Resin Body1.Stl
    Files Resin Body2.Stl
    Files Resin Body3.Stl
    Files Resin Head.stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Leg1.Stl
    Files Resin Leg2.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Scale Box.stl
    Files Resin Wing Left.stl
    Files Resin Wing Right.stl
    Files Whole.stl