Chained Balor

Published 2020-11-06T16:14:52+00:00

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    $10.00 Chained Balor

    Published 2020-11-06T16:14:52+00:00

    Duncan Shadow


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    Technical Information
    Date published 06/11/2020
    Price $10.00
    Dimensions 19.96mm x 28.41mm x 25.69mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Files Fdm Arm Left.stl
    Files Fdm Arm Right.stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Base1.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Body.stl
    Files Fdm Chain1.Stl
    Files Fdm Chain2.Stl
    Files Fdm Hand Left1.Stl
    Files Fdm Hand Left2.Stl
    Files Fdm Hand Right1.Stl
    Files Fdm Hand Right2.Stl
    Files Fdm Head.stl
    Files Fdm Horn Left1.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Fdm Horn Left2.Stl
    Files Fdm Horn Left3.Stl
    Files Fdm Horn Right1.Stl
    Files Fdm Horn Right2.Stl
    Files Fdm Horn Right3.Stl
    Files Fdm Legs.stl
    Files Fdm Pegx1.Stl
    Files Fdm Pegx4.Stl
    Files Fdm Scale Box.stl
    Files Fdm Wing Left1.Stl
    Files Fdm Wing Left2.Stl
    Files Fdm Wing Left3.Stl
    Files Fdm Wing Right1.Stl
    Files Fdm Wing Right2.Stl
    Files Fdm Wing Right3.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Arm Left.stl
    Files Resin Arm Right.stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Base.stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Body1.Stl
    Files Resin Body2.Stl
    Files Resin Chain Left.stl
    Files Resin Chain Right.stl
    Files Resin Horn Left.stl
    Files Resin Horn Right.stl
    Files Resin Leg Left.stl
    Files Resin Leg Right.stl
    Files Resin Scale Box.stl
    Files Resin Wing Left1.Stl (Repaired)
    Files Resin Wing Right1.Stl
    Files Resin Wing Right2.Stl
    Files Resin Wing Rleft2.Stl
    Files Whole.stl