DEAD SPACE Pulse Rifle (fan made)

Published 2018-02-23T11:59:31+00:00

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    $5.00 DEAD SPACE Pulse Rifle (fan made)

    Published 2018-02-23T11:59:31+00:00

    Nicholas Martinez


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 23/02/2018
    Price $5.00
    Time to do 41580 - 41580 minutes
    Material Quantity 5695.03 grams
    Dimensions 98.33mm x 98.33mm x 204.59mm
    Technology FDM
    Complexity Easy
    Object Parts
    Pusle Rifle Front Lower Part 1 7.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Front Upper Body 9.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Back Sight 17.Stl
    037421Ff8108Ff45442Ea065191C54136F15E7Cf Repaired.stl
    04E1Ef0820Ea1B1Eb6B305Aab19F8497071A454A Repaired.stl
    19Aa7B5E0F57B6C104D3Eca7E42F5615E064Ab05 Repaired.stl
    2B2E13A20624Da64710F0Dd1De5610Ca9D490C35 Repaired.stl
    307Db775F03B7492A29Dbb8E07869Cea70E686C3 Repaired.stl
    3D15F97F6B47E5888Ccfbd7275225Deec6350052 Repaired.stl
    56Bfb409290E91D3132770855E5Bb0Df8Abd3A23 Repaired.stl
    5778747Ee248D8151Cf9E1C7B067C9B3D2F69F96 Repaired.stl
    67Ee6B1E8Be904F57Ec8Ff367B165B2787D46Ff1 Repaired.stl
    73393D21Fe56721Af2Fd70A40Bb398Bba7665C3F Repaired.stl
    82A89Ba39Fa3232Fd59B01E8B0F4Cb32Cd90C3Ed Repaired.stl
    87452A61C7763C8Ba896C817Fe10D80F4D4E9D31 Repaired.stl
    89Dc50C37462394Cc591Db23E80061812140031D Repaired.stl
    A28C15524004Dbdf957E43Bbcea9B13C4117Af21 Repaired.stl
    A98C174B1471D848E08C2E7A7629Db7227245482 Repaired.stl
    Ac513E68Bb39165B9C5D96Bf6E0A273Ee52Dff80 Repaired.stl
    B179F49Cf95470B5De8D140F24374F443D0Ac908 Repaired.stl
    D27D9A3Db8A589A4Cbcd81E30Dab0E5852C8Bcc1 Repaired.stl
    Fa323142078370C4Dfffbeac6Ddb9165E837B8F0 Repaired.stl
    Pusle Rifle Handgaurd 12.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Body Middle Part 1 14.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Handle 3.Stl
    Barrel Middle 19.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Front Lower Part 2 10.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Stock Part 2 2.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Lower Reciver Part 1 5.Stl
    Barrel End 4.Stl
    Pulse Rifle Full 1.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Stock Part 1 8.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Body Front Sight 15.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Body Middle Part 2 13.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Lower Reciver Part 2 6.Stl
    Barrel Start 18.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Body Back End 11.Stl
    Pusle Rifle Barrel Catch 16.Stl