Devils / Demons Pre Supported Bundle

Published 2021-02-04T09:01:29+00:00

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    $10.00 Devils / Demons Pre Supported Bundle

    Published 2021-02-04T09:01:29+00:00



    22 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 04/02/2021
    Price $10.00
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    Object Parts
    1 Destro Summoner 1.Chitubox 35 MB
    1A Back.chitubox 42 MB
    1B Base.chitubox 18 MB
    2 Destro Summoner Body Pose 2.Chitubox 14 MB
    2A Base D Pose 2.Chitubox 49 MB
    2B Left Back.chitubox 3 MB
    2C Right Back.chitubox 26 MB
    3 Hell Stag Body.chitubox 14 MB
    3A Hell Stag Base.chitubox 9 MB
    4 Imp 1.Chitubox 28 MB
    4A Imp 1 Base.chitubox 2 MB
    4B Left Wing.chitubox 46 MB
    4C Right Wing.chitubox 40 MB
    5 Imp 2.Chitubox 43 MB
    5A Base Imp 2.Chitubox 29 MB
    5B Left Wing Imp 2.Chitubox 30 MB
    5C Right Wing Imp 2.Chitubox 3 MB
    5D Skulls Imp 2.Chitubox 3 MB
    6 Mount.chitubox 38 MB
    6A Base.chitubox 5 MB
    6B Flag.chitubox 7 MB
    6C Lower Body.chitubox 11 MB
    6D Upper Body.chitubox 26 MB
    6E Weapon.chitubox 18 MB
    7 Queen Head.chitubox 12 MB
    7A Body.chitubox 4 MB
    7B Left Heand.chitubox 9 MB
    7C Queen Base.chitubox 5 MB
    7D Right Heand.chitubox 2 MB
    8 Lady Of Griff Base.chitubox 15 MB
    8A Lady Of Griff Base Left.chitubox 54 MB
    8B Lady Of Griff Base Right.chitubox 25 MB
    8C Lady Of Griff Base Top.chitubox 47 MB
    8D Lady Of Griff Body 44Mm.chitubox 29 MB
    8E Lady Of Griff Tail.chitubox 4 MB
    9 Lady Of Pain Body 42Mm.chitubox 13 MB
    9A Lady Of Pain Base.chitubox 38 MB
    9B Pain Skulls.chitubox 15 MB
    9C Heads.chitubox 52 MB
    Base 1.Stl
    Base D Pose 2.Stl
    Base Imp 2.Stl
    Body 1.Stl
    Body Pose 2.Stl
    Hell Stag Base.stl
    Hell Stag Body.stl
    Imp 1 Base.stl
    Imp 1.Stl
    Imp 2.Stl
    Left Back.stl
    Left Heand.stl
    Left Wing Imp 2.Stl
    Left Wing.stl
    Lower Body.stl
    Queen Base 2.Stl
    Queen Head.stl
    Right Back.stl
    Right Heand.stl
    Right Wing Imp 2.Stl
    Right Wing.stl
    Skulls Imp 2.Stl
    Subcubus Griff Base Left.stl
    Subcubus Griff Base Right.stl
    Subcubus Griff Base Top.stl
    Subcubus Griff Base.stl
    Subcubus Griff Body 44Mm.stl
    Subcubus Griff Tail.stl
    Subcubus Heads.stl
    Subcubus Pain Base.stl
    Subcubus Pain Skulls.stl
    Subcubus Paine Body 42Mm.stl
    Upper Body.stl