Dinosaur Bundle

Published 2021-02-12T09:19:50+00:00

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    $85.00 Dinosaur Bundle

    Published 2021-02-12T09:19:50+00:00

    Duncan Shadow


    497 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 12/02/2021
    Price $85.00
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    Object Parts
    Alioramus Pose1 Body.stl
    Alioramus Pose1 Head.stl
    Alioramus Pose1 Leg Left.stl
    Alioramus Pose1 Leg Right.stl
    Alioramus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Alioramus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Alioramus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Alioramus Pose2 Body.stl
    Alioramus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Alioramus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Alioramus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Alioramus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Alioramus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Body.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Head.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Leg Left.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Leg Right.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Scale Box.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Tail.stl
    Alioramus Pose3 Whole.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Leg Backleft.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Leg Backright.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Leg Frontleft.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Leg Frontright.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Club.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Left.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Right.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Left.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Right.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Pose2 Body.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Ankylosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Body.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Head.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Left Leg.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Neck.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Right Leg.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Tail.stl
    Baryonyx Pose1 Whole.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Body.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Head.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Tail.stl
    Baryonyx Pose2 Whole.stl
    Body 1.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Leg Back Left.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Leg Back Right.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Leg Front Left.stl (Repaired)
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Leg Front Right.stl (Repaired)
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Neck1.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Neck2.Stl (Repaired)
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Neck3.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Tail1.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl (Repaired)
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Body1.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Body2.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Left.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Right.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Left.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Right.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Neck1.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Neck2.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Neck3.Stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Brachiosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Leg Left.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Leg Right.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Carnotaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Leg Left.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Leg Right.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Body.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Head.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Leg Left.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Leg Right.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Scale Box.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Tail.stl
    Ceratosaurus Pose3 Whole.stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 1.Stl (Repaired)
    Diplodocus Pose1 2.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 3.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 4.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 5.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Back Leg1.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Back Leg2.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Head.stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Leg1.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Leg2.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Diplodocus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Body1.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Body2.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Head.stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Neck1.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Neck2.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Neck3.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Tail1.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Tail2.Stl (Repaired)
    Diplodocus Pose2 Tail3.Stl
    Diplodocus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Back Leg Left.stl (Repaired)
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Back Leg Right.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Front Leg Left.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Front Leg Right.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Left.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Right.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Left.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Right.stl (Repaired)
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Edmontosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Left Leg.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Left Leg1.Stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Right Leg.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Right Legw Base.stl (Repaired)
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl (Repaired)
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Giganotosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Ichthyosaur Base.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose1 Back.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose1 Base.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose1 Front.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose1 Whole.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose2 Back.stl (Repaired)
    Ichthyosaur Pose2 Base1.Stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose2 Front.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose2 Whole.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose3 Back.stl (Repaired)
    Ichthyosaur Pose3 Base.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose3 Front.stl (Repaired)
    Ichthyosaur Pose3 Scale Box.stl
    Ichthyosaur Pose3 Whole.stl
    Ichthyosaur Scale Box.stl
    Leg Left 1.Stl
    Leg Left.stl
    Leg Right 1.Stl
    Leg Right.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Back Flipper1.Stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Back Flipper2.Stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Base.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Front Flipped2.Stl (Repaired)
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Front Flipper1.Stl (Repaired)
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Head.stl (Repaired)
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Scale Box 1.Stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Base.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Fin Back Left.stl (Repaired)
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Fin Back Right.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Fin Front Left.stl (Repaired)
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Fin Front Right.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Mid.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Scalebox.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Mosasaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Arm Left.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Arm Right.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Body.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Hand Left.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Hand Right.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Head.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Leg Left.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Leg Right.stl (Repaired)
    Oviraptor Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Tail.stl
    Oviraptor Pose1 Whole.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Arm Left.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Arm Right.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Body.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Hand Left.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Hand Right.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Head.stl (Repaired)
    Oviraptor Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Leg Right.stl (Repaired)
    Oviraptor Pose2 Neck.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Tail.stl
    Oviraptor Pose2 Whole.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Leg Left.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Leg Right.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Body.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Head.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Leg Left.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Leg Right.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Scale Box.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Tail.stl
    Pachycephalosaurus Pose3 Whole.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Body.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Head.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Leg Left Back.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Leg Left Front.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Leg Right Back.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Leg Right Front.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Arm Left.stl (Repaired)
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Arm Right.stl (Repaired)
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Body.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Head.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Parasaurolophus Pose2 Whole.stl (Repaired)
    Scale Box 1.Stl
    Scale Box 2.Stl
    Scale Box 3.Stl
    Scale Box.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Body1.Stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Body2.Stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Left Leg.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Right Leg.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Body1.Stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Body2.Stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Left Leg.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Right Leg.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Spinosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Back.stl (Repaired)
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Front.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Leg Back Left.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Leg Back Right.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Leg Front Left.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Leg Front Right.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Back.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Front.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Left.stl (Repaired)
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Leg Back Right.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Left.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Leg Front Right.stl (Repaired)
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Stegosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl (Repaired)
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Back Leg Left.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Back Leg Right.stl (Repaired)
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Body.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Frill.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Front Leg Left.stl (Repaired)
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Front Leg Right.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Horn.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Tail.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Back Leg Left.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Back Leg Right.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Frill.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Front Leg Left.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Front Leg Right.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Horn.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Styracosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Tail 1.Stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Back Leg Left.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Back Leg Right.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Body.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Frill.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Front Leg Left.stl (Repaired)
    Triceritops Pose1 Front Leg Right.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Head.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Tail.stl
    Triceritops Pose1 Whole.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Body.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Frill.stl (Repaired)
    Triceritops Pose2 Head.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Leg Back Left.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Leg Back Right.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Leg Front Right.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Leg Front Right1.Stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Tail.stl
    Triceritops Pose2 Whole.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Body.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Frill.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Head.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Leg Back Left.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Leg Back Right.stl (Repaired)
    Triceritops Pose3 Leg Front Left.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Leg Front Right.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Scale Box.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Tail.stl
    Triceritops Pose3 Whole.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Body.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Head.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Left Leg.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Right Leg.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Scale Box.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Tail.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Feathered Whole.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Body1.Stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Body2.Stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Head.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Left Leg.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Right Leg.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose1 Whole.stl (Repaired)
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Body.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Head.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Tail.stl
    Tyrannosaurus Pose2 Whole.stl
    Velociraptor No Feathersbody 1.Stl
    Velociraptor No Feathersbody.stl
    Velociraptor No Feathersleg Left 1.Stl
    Velociraptor No Feathersleg Left.stl
    Velociraptor No Feathersleg Right 1.Stl
    Velociraptor No Feathersleg Right.stl
    Velociraptor No Featherstail 1.Stl
    Velociraptor No Featherstail.stl
    Velociraptor No Featherswhole 1.Stl
    Velociraptor No Featherswhole Pose1 Supported.stl
    Velociraptor No Featherswhole Pose2 Supported.stl
    Velociraptor No Featherswhole.stl
    Velociraptor Pose1 Body.stl
    Velociraptor Pose1 Leg Left.stl
    Velociraptor Pose1 Leg Right.stl
    Velociraptor Pose1 Scale Box.stl
    Velociraptor Pose1 Tail.stl
    Velociraptor Pose1 Whole.stl
    Velociraptor Pose2 Body.stl
    Velociraptor Pose2 Leg Left.stl
    Velociraptor Pose2 Leg Right.stl
    Velociraptor Pose2 Scale Box.stl
    Velociraptor Pose2 Tail.stl
    Velociraptor Pose2 Whole.stl
    Whole 1.Stl
    Whole Pose1 Supported.stl
    Whole Pose2 Supported.stl