F.E.D. Modular Dungeon System - STONE

Published 2020-05-19T09:05:41+00:00

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    $15.00 F.E.D. Modular Dungeon System - STONE

    Published 2020-05-19T09:05:41+00:00

    Flat Earth Dungeons


    3 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 19/05/2020
    Price $15.00
    Dimensions 0mm x 0mm x 0mm
    Support Free YES
    Object Parts
    Connector Room Circle.stl
    Room Closer Circle.stl
    Room Small Circle.stl
    Room Small Tri.stl
    Room Large Octo.stl
    Room Large Alcoves Closed.stl
    Room Small Closed.stl
    Room Large Octo Closed.stl
    Room Large Platform Closed.stl
    Room Small Tri Closed.stl
    Connector 1.Stl 4 MB
    Connector 2.Stl 399 KB
    Connector 3.Stl (Repaired) 326 KB
    Connector 4.Stl 591 KB
    Connector Room.stl 340 KB
    Door External.stl 549 KB
    Door Lintel.stl 340 KB
    Corridor Narrow Short.stl 214 KB
    Room Closer.stl 265 KB
    Corridor L.stl 339 KB
    Corridor Narrow Long.stl 233 KB
    Room Small.stl 120 KB
    Corridor Long.stl 205 KB
    Corridor Narrow L.stl 235 KB
    Corridor Short.stl 204 KB
    Corridor X.stl 204 KB
    Corridor Long Alcoves.stl 196 KB
    Corridor Narrow T.stl 31 KB
    Corridor T.stl 110 KB
    Corridor S Mirror.stl 13 KB
    Room Large Alcoves.stl 53 KB
    Corridor S.stl 11 KB
    Room Large Platform.stl 39 KB
    Corridor Narrow X.stl 59 KB
    Room Large.stl 49 KB
    Door Internal.stl 53 KB