Fantasy Pack

Published 2021-01-08T14:42:21+00:00

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    $27.00 Fantasy Pack

    Published 2021-01-08T14:42:21+00:00

    Punga Miniatures


    173 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 08/01/2021
    Price $27.00
    Support Free YES
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    Object Parts
    Base Canalization Big Round 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Quadratic 1 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Quadratic 2 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Quadratic 3 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Quadratic 4 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Quadratic 5 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Round 1 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Round 2 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Round 3 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Round 4 1.Stl
    Base Canalization Round 5 1.Stl
    Base Forest Quadratic 1 1.Stl
    Base Forest Quadratic 2 1.Stl
    Base Forest Quadratic 3 1.Stl
    Base Forest Quadratic 4 1.Stl
    Base Forest Quadratic 5 1.Stl
    Base Forest Round 1 1.Stl
    Base Forest Round 2 1.Stl
    Base Forest Round 3 1.Stl
    Base Forest Round 4 1.Stl
    Base Forest Round 5 1.Stl
    Base Stone Big Oval 1.Stl
    Base Stone Big Round 1.Stl
    Base Stone Quadrate 1 1.Stl
    Base Stone Quadrate 2 1.Stl
    Base Stone Quadrate 3 1.Stl
    Base Stone Quadrate 4 1.Stl
    Base Stone Quadrate 5 1.Stl
    Base Stone Round 1 1.Stl
    Base Stone Round 2 1.Stl
    Base Stone Round 3 1.Stl
    Base Stone Round 4 1.Stl
    Base Stone Round 5 1.Stl
    Boar Part1 1.Stl
    Boar Part1 Supported 1.Stl
    Boar Part2 1.Stl
    Boar Part2 Supported 1.Stl
    Boar Part3 1.Stl
    Boar Part3 Supported 1.Stl
    Boar Part4 1.Stl
    Boar Part4 Supported 1.Stl
    Boar Part5 1.Stl
    Boar Part5 Supported 1.Stl
    Boar Part6 1.Stl
    Boar Part6 Supported 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Body 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Body Supported 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Hand1 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Hand1 Supported 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Hand2 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Hand2 Supported 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Head 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Head Supported 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Legs 1.Stl
    Dwarf Warrior Legs Supported 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter 2.Stl
    Elf Fighter Base 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Base Supported 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Body 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Body Supported 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Hand 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Hand Supported 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Leg 1.Stl
    Elf Fighter Leg Supported 1.Stl
    Half Elf Druid 2.Stl
    Half Elf Druid Part1 1.Stl
    Half Elf Druid Part1 Supported 1.Stl
    Half Elf Druid Part2 1.Stl
    Half Elf Druid Part2 Supported 1.Stl
    Half Elf Druid Part3 1.Stl
    Half Elf Druid Part3 Supported 1.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian 2.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian Part1 1.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian Part1 Supported 1.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian Part2 1.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian Part2 Supported 1.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian Part3 1.Stl
    Half Orc Barbarian Part3 Supported 1.Stl
    Halfingbard Body 1.Stl
    Halfingbard Body Supported 1.Stl
    Halfingbard Guitar 1.Stl
    Halfingbard Guitar Supported 1.Stl
    Halfingbard Sword 1.Stl
    Halfingbard Sword Supported 1.Stl
    Halfling Bard 1.Stl
    Human Fencer 1.Stl
    Human Fencer Body 1.Stl
    Human Fencer Body Supported 1.Stl
    Human Fencer Hand 1.Stl
    Human Fencer Hand Supported 1.Stl
    Human Fencer Hat 1.Stl
    Human Fencer Hat Supported 1.Stl
    Human Wizard 2.Stl
    Human Wizard Body 1.Stl
    Human Wizard Body Supported 1.Stl
    Human Wizard Hand 2 Supported 2.Stl
    Human Wizard Hand1 1.Stl
    Human Wizard Hand1 Supported 1.Stl
    Human Wizard Hand2 1.Stl
    Human Wizard Hat 1.Stl
    Human Wizard Hat Supported 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Body 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Body Supported 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Gun 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Gun Supported 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Hand1 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Hand1 Supported 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Hand2 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Hand2 Supported 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Leg 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Leg Supported 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Tail 1.Stl
    Ratfolk Grenadier Tail Supported 1.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock 2.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock Part1 1.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock Part1 Supported 1.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock Part2 1.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock Part2 Supported 1.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock Part3 1.Stl
    Tiefling Warlock Part3 Supported 1.Stl