Geared Turbofan Engine (GTF), 10 inch Fan Module

Published 2019-10-18T09:18:03+00:00

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    $50.00 Geared Turbofan Engine (GTF), 10 inch Fan Module

    Published 2019-10-18T09:18:03+00:00

    Motoo Kondo


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 18/10/2019
    Price $50.00
    Dimensions 100.02mm x 37.61mm x 33.79mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    18N Fan Blade Cw201Mws.stl 94 KB
    18N Fan Blade Cw202Mws.stl 51 KB
    18N Fan Disk Cw101.Stl 34 KB
    18N Fan Disk Cw102.Stl 2 MB
    18N Fan Duct Frt Cut101.Stl 1 MB
    18N Fan Duct Frt Cut102.Stl 1 MB
    18N Fan Duct Frt Cut103.Stl 2 MB
    18N Fan Duct Rr Cut101.Stl 818 KB
    18N Fan Duct Rr Cut102.Stl 1 MB
    18N Fan Duct Rr Cut103.Stl 420 KB
    18N Fan Duct Shim101.Stl 3 MB
    18N Fan Duct101.Stl 117 KB
    18N Fan Frame Cut01Ws.stl 364 KB
    18N Fan Frame Cut02Ws.stl 380 KB
    18N Fan Frame Cut03Ws.stl 373 KB
    18N Fan Frame Cut04Ws.stl 116 KB
    18N Fan Frame101Ws.stl 94 KB
    18N Fan Sft Spacer030.Stl 3 MB
    18N Fan Sft Spacer090.Stl 1 MB
    18N Fan Sft Spacer095.Stl 2 MB
    18N Fan Sft Stop01.Stl 741 KB
    18N Fan Shaft H01Ws.stl 11 KB
    18N Fdg Carrier F101.Stl 172 KB
    18N Fdg Carrier R101.Stl 297 KB
    18N Fdg Carrier R102Ws.stl 509 KB
    18N Fdg Frt Case02.Stl 414 KB
    18N Fdg Frt Case101Ws.stl 180 KB
    18N Fdg Gear15 H101.Stl 102 KB
    18N Fdg Oil Manif301Ws.stl 107 KB
    18N Fdg Ring45 H01Ws.stl 51 KB
    18N Fdg Ring45 H02Ws.stl 93 KB
    18N Fdg Rr Panel H201Ws.stl 161 KB
    18N Fdg Sun H01.Stl 5 KB
    18N Fdg Tq Frame401.Stl 72 KB
    18N Lpc Inlet Case201Ws 2.Stl
    18N Spin Mark01.Stl 1 MB
    18N Spinner01.Stl 74 KB
    18N Spinner02.Stl 446 KB
    18N Stand Fan Frame01.Stl 307 KB
    18N Stand Fan Frame02.Stl 1 MB
    18N Stand Fdg01.Stl 182 KB
    18N Tool Fan Frame01.Stl 376 KB