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Industrial Terrain

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    $12.99 Industrial Terrain

    Published 2018-10-03T08:34:36+00:00

    Kraken's 3D Printing Workshop


    9 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 03/10/2018
    Price $12.99
    Technology FDM
    Complexity Easy
    Object Parts
    Handrailslanding V1 1.stl
    Beam V1.stl 638 KB
    Beamhalf V1.stl 147 KB
    Connector Double V1.stl 147 KB
    Connector Single V1.stl 176 KB
    Connector Triple V1.stl 201 KB
    Connector Vertical V1.stl 137 KB
    Connector Quadruple V1.stl 221 KB
    Connector Quadruple Vert V1.stl 255 KB
    Tank V1.stl 164 KB
    Tankholder V1.stl 210 KB
    Tankdome V1.stl 249 KB
    Handraillong V1.stl 354 KB
    Handrail V1.stl 107 KB
    Handrailcorners V1.stl 117 KB
    Grid V1.stl 75 KB
    Platform V1.stl 59 KB
    Platformcorner V1.stl 777 KB
    Platformtanksupport V1.stl 143 KB
    Handrailstairstop V1.stl 145 KB
    Handralstairsset V1.stl 127 KB
    Platformstairs V1.stl 64 KB
    Stairsb V1.stl 62 KB
    Staira V1.stl 63 KB
    Stairsc Rev V1.stl 34 KB
    Stairsc V1.stl 156 KB
    Platformlandingpad V1.stl 92 KB
    Standard Digital File Store License