Ivan Miranda Cuckoo Clock (customizable)

Published 2019-09-25T15:34:02+00:00

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    $4.00 Ivan Miranda Cuckoo Clock (customizable)

    Published 2019-09-25T15:34:02+00:00

    Garth Rönkkö


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    Technical Information
    Date published 25/09/2019
    Price $4.00
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    Object Parts
    Action Lever Arm Cuckoo V01.Stl
    Both Screwdrivers Bottom Silver.stl
    Both Screwdrivers Green.stl
    Both Screwdrives Black.stl
    Bulb Bottom 01 V01.Stl
    Bulb Bottom 02 V01.Stl
    Bulb Bottom 03 V01.Stl
    Bulb Bottom 04 V01.Stl
    Bulb Middle V01.Stl
    Cam And Vert Rod Slider.stl
    Cam Mount Wall.stl
    Cam Mount.stl
    Cam Slider Pin.stl
    Camar1 V01.Stl
    Camar2 V01.Stl
    Door Left V01.Stl
    Door Pin 1.Stl
    Door Pin 2.Stl
    Door Pin 3.Stl
    Door Pin 4.Stl
    Door Right V01.Stl
    Lever Arms Pin 1.Stl
    Lever Arms Pin 2.Stl
    Lever Arms Pin 3.Stl
    Lever Arms Pin 4.Stl
    Lever Arms Pin 5.Stl
    Main Bulb Body.stl
    Runway 01 V02.Stl
    Runway 02 V02.Stl
    Servo Cam Shaft.stl
    Servo Mount V01.Stl
    Single Clock Hands.stl
    Slider Link Arm 01 V01.Stl
    Slider Link Arm 02 V01.Stl
    Slider Link Arm Cuckoo 01 V01.Stl
    Slider Link Arm Cuckoo 02 V01.Stl
    Tank Body With Align.stl
    Tank Body.stl
    Tank Door Link Arm Left.stl
    Tank Door Link Arm Right.stl
    Tank Mohawk.stl
    Tank Mount Slider Pin.stl
    Tank Mount With Align.stl
    Tank Mount.stl
    Tank Pin 2.Stl
    Tank Pin.stl
    Top Base V01.Stl
    Top Link Arm Cuckoo V01.Stl
    Vertical Slider To Arms Pin.stl