Jeep Willys - WWII Army Truck

Published 2019-06-25T09:03:09+00:00

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    $14.99 Jeep Willys - WWII Army Truck

    Published 2019-06-25T09:03:09+00:00

    Marek Dovjak


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 25/06/2019
    Price $14.99
    Material Quantity ~900 grams
    Dimensions model is ~370mm long
    Object Parts
    Part A A01 A.stl
    Part A A01 B.stl
    Part A A01 One Piece.stl
    Part A A02 A.stl
    Part A A02 B.stl
    Part A A02 One Piece.stl
    Part A A03.stl
    Part A A04.stl
    Part A A05.stl
    Part A A06.stl
    Part A A07.stl
    Part A A08.stl
    Part A A09.stl
    Part A A10.stl
    Part A A11.stl
    Part A A12.stl
    Part B B01 A.stl
    Part B B01 B.stl
    Part B B01 C.stl
    Part B B02 A.stl
    Part B B02 B.stl
    Part B B02 C.stl
    Part B B03 A.stl
    Part B B03 B.stl
    Part B B03 C.stl
    Part B B04 A.stl
    Part B B04 B.stl
    Part B B04 C.stl
    Part B B05 4X.stl
    Part C C01 X2.stl
    Part C C02.stl
    Part C C03.stl
    Part C C04.stl
    Part C C05.stl
    Part C C06.stl
    Part C C07.stl
    Part C C08.stl
    Part C C09.stl
    Part D D01.stl
    Part D D02.stl
    Part D D03.stl
    Part D D04.stl
    Part D D05.stl
    Part D D06.stl
    Part D D07 X2.stl
    Part D D08.stl
    Part D D09.stl
    Part D D10.stl
    Part D D11.stl
    Part D D12.stl
    Part E E01.stl
    Part E E02.stl
    Part E E03.stl
    Part E E04.stl
    Part E E05.stl
    Part F F01.stl
    Part F F02.stl
    Part F F03.stl
    Part F F04.stl
    Part F F05.stl
    Part F F06.stl (Repaired)
    Part F F07.stl
    Part F F08.stl
    Part F F09.stl
    Part F F10.stl
    Part F F11.stl
    Part F F12.stl
    Part F F13.stl
    Part F F14.stl
    Part F F15.stl
    Part F F16.stl
    Part F F17.stl
    Part F F18.stl
    Part F F19.stl
    Part F F20.stl
    Part G G01.stl
    Part G G02.stl
    Part G G03.stl
    Part G G04.stl
    Part G G05.stl
    Part G G06.stl
    Part H H01 A.stl
    Part H H01 B.stl
    Part H H01 One Piece.stl
    Part H H02.stl
    Part H H03.stl
    Part H H04.stl
    Part H H05.stl
    Part H H06.stl
    Part I I01.stl
    Part I I02.stl
    Part I I03.stl
    Part I I04 X2.stl
    Part I I05 X2.stl
    Part I I06 X2.stl
    Part I I07 X2.stl
    Part I I08.stl
    Part I I09.stl
    Part J J01 X5.stl
    Part J J02 X10.stl
    Part K K01.stl
    Part K K02.stl
    Part K K03.stl
    Part K K04 X2.stl
    Part K K05 X2.stl
    Part K K06.stl
    Part K K07.stl
    Part L L01.stl
    Part L L02.stl
    Part L L03 X2.stl
    Part L L04.stl
    Part L L05.stl
    Part L L06.stl
    Part L L07 X2.stl
    Part L L08.stl
    Part L L09 X2.stl
    Part L L10 X2.stl
    Part L L11 X2.stl
    Part L L12.stl
    Part L L13.stl
    Part L L14.stl
    Part L L15.stl
    Part L L16.stl
    Part L L17.stl
    Part L L18.stl