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    Technical Information
    Date published 06/05/2021
    Price $20.00
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    Object Parts
    78876.Jpg 1 MB
    Back Body 2.Obj
    Back Body H 1.Lys
    Back Body H 1.Stl
    Back Body H 2.Lys
    Back Body H 2.Stl
    Back Body H.lys
    Back Body H.stl
    Back Body.obj
    Back Bottom Wing 1.Lys
    Back Bottom Wing 1.Stl
    Back Bottom Wing 2.Lys
    Back Bottom Wing 2.Obj
    Back Bottom Wing.lys
    Back Bottom Wing.obj
    Back Bottom Wing.stl
    Back Wing 1.Lys
    Back Wing 1.Stl
    Back Wing 2.Lys
    Back Wing 2.Obj
    Back Wing.lys
    Back Wing.obj
    Back Wing.stl
    Base 1.Lys
    Base 1.Stl
    Base 2.Lys
    Base 2.Obj
    Dark Lance 1.Lys
    Dark Lance 1.Stl
    Dark Lance 2.Lys
    Dark Lance 2.Obj
    Dark Lance.lys
    Dark Lance.obj
    Dark Lance.stl
    Desintegrator Cannon 1.Lys
    Desintegrator Cannon 1.Stl
    Desintegrator Cannon 2.Lys
    Desintegrator Cannon 2.Obj
    Desintegrator Cannon.lys
    Desintegrator Cannon.obj
    Desintegrator Cannon.stl
    Front Blades 2.Obj
    Front Blades.obj
    Front Body 2.Obj
    Front Body H 1.Lys
    Front Body H 1.Stl
    Front Body H 2.Lys
    Front Body H 3.Stl
    Front Body H.lys
    Front Body H.stl
    Front Body.obj
    Main Engine 1.Lys
    Main Engine 1.Stl
    Main Engine 2.Lys
    Main Engine 2.Obj
    Main Engine.lys
    Main Engine.obj
    Main Engine.stl
    Rocket 1.Lys
    Rocket 1.Stl
    Rocket 2.Lys
    Rocket 2.Obj
    Rocket Launcher 1.Lys
    Rocket Launcher 1.Stl
    Rocket Launcher 2.Lys
    Rocket Launcher 2.Obj
    Rocket Launcher.lys
    Rocket Launcher.obj
    Rocket Launcher.stl
    Side Engine Big 1.Lys
    Side Engine Big 1.Stl
    Side Engine Big 2.Lys
    Side Engine Big 2.Obj
    Side Engine Big.lys
    Side Engine Big.obj
    Side Engine Big.stl
    Side Engine Small 1.Lys
    Side Engine Small 1.Stl
    Side Engine Small 2.Lys
    Side Engine Small 2.Obj
    Side Engine Small.lys
    Side Engine Small.obj
    Side Engine Small.stl
    Splinter Cannon 1.Lys
    Splinter Cannon 1.Stl
    Splinter Cannon 2.Lys
    Splinter Cannon 2.Obj
    Splinter Cannon.lys
    Splinter Cannon.obj
    Splinter Cannon.stl
    Splinter Rifle 1.Lys
    Splinter Rifle 1.Stl
    Splinter Rifle 2.Lys
    Splinter Rifle 2.Obj
    Splinter Rifle.lys
    Splinter Rifle.obj
    Splinter Rifle.stl
    Wing 2 1.Lys
    Wing 2 1.Stl (Repaired)
    Wing 2 2.Lys
    Wing 2 2.Obj (Repaired)
    Wing 2.Lys
    Wing 2.Obj (Repaired)
    Wing 2.Stl (Repaired)
    Wing Gun Holder 1.Lys
    Wing Gun Holder 1.Stl
    Wing Gun Holder 2.Lys
    Wing Gun Holder 2.Obj
    Wing Gun Holder.lys
    Wing Gun Holder.obj
    Wing Gun Holder.stl
    Wing1 1.Lys
    Wing1 1.Stl
    Wing1 2.Lys
    Wing1 2.Obj