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KwikJet - The 3D Printable Jet Boat

Published 2018-12-23T10:00:27+00:00

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    $24.98 KwikJet - The 3D Printable Jet Boat

    Published 2018-12-23T10:00:27+00:00

    Jotham B


    3 objects

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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 23/12/2018
    Price $24.98
    Material Quantity about 800grams of filament
    Dimensions 202x202x180
    Object Parts
    1X Hull Light Duty Front.stl
    1X Hull Light Duty Mid.stl
    1X Hull Light Duty Rear.stl (Repaired)
    1X Hull Medium Duty Front.stl
    1X Hull Medium Duty Mid.stl
    1X Hull Medium Duty Rear.stl
    1X Bracket Motor 1.stl
    1X Bracket Servo 1.stl
    Impeller 28Mm Pitch Shapeways.stl
    1X Impeller 28Mm Pitch 1.stl
    1X Impeller Housing.stl
    1X Lid Printable Option Front 1.stl
    1X Lid Printable Option Rear 1.stl
    1X Lid Printable Option Front.stl
    1X Nozzle 2Degrees.stl
    1X Reverser Link1 1.stl
    1X Reversing Bucket.stl
    2X Bracket Esc 1.stl
    2X Handy Pipe Joiner 1.stl
    2X Reverser Link2.stl
    5X Lid Lock Bottom 1.stl
    5X Lid Lock Top 1.stl
    Extra Impeller 26Mm Pitch.stl (Repaired)
    Extra Impeller 30Mm Pitch.stl
    Extra Impeller 32Mm Pitch.stl (Repaired)
    Extra Impeller 26Mm Pitch Shapeways.stl
    Extra Impeller 28Mm Pitch Shapeways.stl
    Extra Impeller 30Mm Pitch Shapeways.stl
    Extra Impeller 32Mm Pitch Shapeways.stl (Repaired)
    Extra Nozzle 3Degrees Up.stl
    Extra Nozzle 2Degrees Up.stl
    Extra Nozzle 1Degrees Up.stl
    Extra Nozzle 0Degrees.stl
    Extra Nozzle 1Degrees Down.stl
    Extra Nozzle 2Degrees Down.stl
    Test Fit.stl
    Standard Digital File Store License