Largo Sunlight

Published 2020-01-07T19:20:14+00:00

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    $4.50 Largo Sunlight

    Published 2020-01-07T19:20:14+00:00

    Fabio Rizzo

    @Fabioschizzo Miniatures

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    Technical Information
    Date published 07/01/2020
    Price $4.50
    Dimensions 8.62mm x 19.93mm x 7.39mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Glorious Pan.stl (Repaired) 9 MB
    Great Axe.stl 11 MB
    Indomitable Hammer.stl (Repaired) 49 MB
    Largo 1 Hand.stl 12 MB
    Largo 2 Hands.stl 9 MB
    Lucky Showel.stl 17 MB
    Paladin Shield.stl 17 MB
    Pot Lid Shield 1.Stl 11 MB
    Pot Lid Shield.stl 49 MB
    Short Sword.stl (Repaired) 8 MB
    Survival Knife.stl 10 MB
    Torchlight.stl 11 MB