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Modular Customizable Kraken

Published 2018-11-02T11:26:47+00:00

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    $10.00 Modular Customizable Kraken

    Published 2018-11-02T11:26:47+00:00

    Christopher Hunt


    11 objects

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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 02/11/2018
    Price $10.00
    Complexity Easy
    Support Free YES
    Object Parts
    Kraken Base L2 For Blending To Mouth 1.stl
    Striker 2 Pt3 1.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt6 1.stl
    Kraken Base R1 For Mouth 2 1.stl
    Kraken Base R2 For Blending To Mouth1.stl
    Kraken Base L4 1.stl
    Kraken Base Mid 1.stl
    Kraken Base L3 1.stl
    Kraken Base R3 1.stl
    Kraken Base R4 1.stl
    Kraken Base L2 For Mouth 2.stl
    Atk Tentacle Pt 1.stl
    Atk Tentacle Pt 2.stl
    Kraken Base R2 For Mouth 2.stl
    Kraken Base L1 For Mouth 2.stl
    Atk Tentacle Pt 3.stl
    Atk Tentacle Pt 4.stl
    Atk Tentacle Pt 5.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt4.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt2.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt1.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt3.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt5.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt8.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt9.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt10.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Pt7.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P3.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P1.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P4.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P5.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P2.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P6.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P8.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle P7.stl
    Atk Tentacle Base.stl
    Mastgrb Tentacle Base.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Pt0.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Pt4.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Pt2.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Pt1.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Pt3.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Pt5.stl
    Minigrab Tentacle Base.stl
    Striker 2 Pt1.stl
    Striker 2 Pt5.stl
    Striker 2 Pt4.stl
    Striker 2 Pt2.stl
    Striker 2 Pt6.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 2.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 4.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 1.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 5.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 6.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 7.stl
    Strker Tentacle 1 Pt 3.stl
    Tentacle 2 Sg1 Water Base.stl
    Striker 2 Water Base.stl
    Striker Water Base.stl
    4 B.stl 24 MB
    2.stl 19 MB
    3 B.stl 17 MB
    3.stl 19 MB
    5.stl 16 MB
    4.stl 92 MB
    5 B.stl 96 MB
    6 B.stl 42 MB
    6.stl 34 MB
    1.stl 44 MB
    7.stl 42 MB
    2 Right Variant.stl 28 MB
    1 Left Variant.stl 21 MB
    7 Revamp Front L.stl 9 MB
    7 Revamp Front R.stl 7 MB
    4 Variant.stl 8 MB
    3 Variant.stl 6 MB
    6 Variant.stl 5 MB
    5 Variant.stl 8 MB
    Kraken Base Mid.stl 9 MB
    Kraken Base R3.stl 8 MB
    Kraken Base L4.stl 8 MB
    Kraken Base L3.stl 7 MB
    Kraken Base R4.stl 7 MB
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