Primal Heart Imago A

Published 2020-07-02T09:46:08+00:00

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    $4.00 Primal Heart Imago A

    Published 2020-07-02T09:46:08+00:00

    Battle Yak Miniatures


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    Technical Information
    Date published 02/07/2020
    Price $4.00
    Dimensions 30mm x 30mm x 4.22mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    30Mm Base.stl 2 MB
    Gear Back Fin.stl 24 MB
    Gear Back Hardshell.stl 5 MB
    Gear Back Hookclaws.stl 23 MB
    Gear Back Spines.stl 15 MB
    Gear Back Sting.stl 4 MB
    Gear Back Wings.stl 13 MB
    Gear Bum Abdomen.stl 3 MB
    Gear Bum Sting.stl 16 MB
    Gear Bum Tail.stl 5 MB
    Gear Shoulderpad 01.Stl 4 MB
    Gear Shoulderpad 02.Stl 6 MB
    Gear Shoulderpad 03.Stl 5 MB
    Gear Shoulderpad 04.Stl 5 MB
    Gear Shoulderpad 05.Stl 4 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Dualglaive.stl 4 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Giantclaw.stl 5 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Greatscythe.stl 5 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Hookblade.stl 15 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Javelin.stl 4 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Lash.stl 5 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Punchclaw.stl 6 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Scimitar.stl 3 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Sicklemaul.stl 4 MB
    Imago 1Hweapon Triglaive.stl 3 MB
    Imago Fist.stl 7 MB
    Imago Hand.stl 3 MB
    Imago Head01.Stl 5 MB
    Imago Head01A.stl 3 MB
    Imago Head02.Stl 4 MB
    Imago Head02A.stl 4 MB
    Imago Head03.Stl 4 MB
    Imago Head03A.stl 2 MB
    Imago Head04.Stl 5 MB
    Imago Head04A.stl 2 MB
    Imago Head05.Stl 4 MB
    Imago Head05A.stl 2 MB
    Imago Head06.Stl 1 MB
    Imago Head06A.stl 4 MB
    Imago Pose01 Fullmodular.stl 4 MB
    Imago Pose01 Modular.stl 2 MB
    Imago Pose01 Variant Modular.stl 2 MB
    Imago Pose01 Variant.stl 5 MB
    Imago Pose01.Stl 3 MB