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    Published 2019-02-11T15:58:20+00:00

    BQ 3D

    @BQ 3D

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    Technical Information
    Date published 11/02/2019
    Support Free YES
    Object Parts
    Battery Pack Clip.stl
    3D View
    Scad Sm S4303R.scad
    Scad Assembly.scad
    Scad Battery Pack Clip.scad
    Scad Battery Pack Holder.scad
    Scad Claw Gear Free.scad
    Scad Claw Gear Servo.scad
    Scad Claw Miniservo Box.scad
    Scad Claw Pincer Free.scad
    Scad Claw Pincer Servo.scad
    Scad Cubre Tornillo.scad
    Scad Frame Front.scad
    Scad Frame Rear.scad
    Scad Miniservo Holder.scad
    Scad Servo Holder.scad
    Scad Wheel Front.scad
    Scad Wheel Rear.scad
    Claw Miniservo Box.stl
    3D View
    Battery Pack Holder.stl
    3D View
    Claw Pincer Servo Sg90.stl
    3D View
    Claw Pincer Servo Es08A.stl
    3D View
    Claw Pincer Free.stl (Repaired)
    3D View
    Claw Pincer Servo.stl
    3D View
    Frame Rear.stl
    3D View
    Frame Front Sg90.stl
    3D View
    Frame Front Es08A.stl
    3D View
    Wheel Front.stl
    3D View
    Screw Cover.stl
    3D View
    Wheel Rear.stl
    3D View
    Plate Escarabajo.stl (Repaired)
    3D View
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