Ruined Abbey

Published 2021-05-05T10:09:17+00:00

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    $18.00 Ruined Abbey

    Published 2021-05-05T10:09:17+00:00



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    Technical Information
    Date published 05/05/2021
    Price $18.00
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    Object Parts
    Buttreess Arch1.Stl 1 MB
    Buttreess Arch2.Stl 2 MB
    Buttreess Arch3.Stl 2 MB
    Buttress Interior 1.Stl 1 MB
    Buttress Interior 2.Stl 1 MB
    Buttress Pillar A.stl 11 MB
    Buttress Pillar B.stl 11 MB
    Buttress Pillar C.stl 11 MB
    Buttress Pillar D.stl 11 MB
    Main Arches.stl 4 MB
    Mini Openpeg.stl 49 KB
    Q1 Floor.stl 43 MB
    Q1 Walls.stl 86 MB
    Q2 Floor.stl 40 MB
    Q2 Walls.stl 88 MB
    Q3 Floor.stl 41 MB
    Q3 Walls Bottom A.stl 74 MB
    Q3 Walls Top 1.Stl 29 MB
    Q3 Walls Top 2.Stl 30 MB
    Q4 Floor.stl 44 MB
    Q4 Wall Top.stl 40 MB
    Q4 Walls Bottom Gate.stl 9 MB
    Q4 Walls Bottom.stl 44 MB
    Q4 Walls Pillar A.stl 10 MB
    Q4 Walls Pillar B.stl 6 MB
    Spire A.stl 2 MB
    Spire B.stl 2 MB
    Spire C.stl 2 MB
    Spire D.stl 2 MB
    Stacking Openpeg.stl 52 KB