Scatter Terrain Habitation Pack

Published 2021-05-10T07:42:35+00:00

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    $20.99 Scatter Terrain Habitation Pack

    Published 2021-05-10T07:42:35+00:00

    2nd Dynasty


    335 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 10/05/2021
    Price $20.99
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    Object Parts
    A Kitchen Counter Standalone.stl
    A Kitchenette Standalone.stl
    Baseless Food Dispencer.stl
    Baseless Trash Disposal.stl
    Cryochamber Lying Detail Standalone.stl
    Cryochamber Standing Detail Standalone.stl
    Double Bed Standalone 1.Stl
    Double Bed Standalone.stl
    Double Bunk Standalone.stl
    Double Bunk Unbased Opposite.stl
    Double Bunk Unbased.stl
    Double Counter Combo Unbased.stl
    Double Counter Storage Unbased.stl
    Double Counter Washers Unbased.stl
    I Shower Standalone.stl
    I Wc Shower Standalone.stl
    I Wc Standalone.stl
    Ii Corner Shower Wc Combo Standalone.stl
    S Coffin Berth Unbased.stl
    S Coffin Berth Wide Unbased 1 1.Stl
    S Triple Bunk Recessed Unbased.stl
    Single Bed Standalone.stl
    Single Chair.stl
    Single Counter Storage Unbased.stl
    Single Counter Washer Unbased.stl
    Sofa Half Circle Unbased.stl
    Special Bunk Free Standing.stl
    Special Double Bed Variant 1.Stl
    Special Double Bed Variant 2.Stl
    Special Single Bed Free Standing.stl
    Special Sofa Standalone.stl
    Special Table Standalone.stl
    Table 4 Legs Standalone.stl
    Triple Bunk Unbased 1 1.Stl
    Triple Bunk Unbased Opposite 1 1.Stl