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Sci-Fi Space Habitat / Space corridor

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    $14.99 Sci-Fi Space Habitat / Space corridor

    Published 2019-01-04T21:40:09+00:00

    Kraken's 3D Printing Workshop


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    Technical Information
    Date published 04/01/2019
    Price $14.99
    Object Parts
    Door V1 0.stl
    Beama V1 0.stl 344 KB
    Beamb V1 0.stl 413 KB
    Connector V1 0.stl 253 KB
    Cornerext V1 0.stl 375 KB
    Roof2Con V1 0.stl 356 KB
    Stairs V1 0.stl 232 KB
    Doorsupport V1 0.stl 109 KB
    Floor V1 0.stl 348 KB
    Cornerint V1 0.stl 323 KB
    Wallfordoor V1 0.stl 79 KB
    Wall V1 0.stl 41 KB
    Roof1Con V1 0.stl 45 KB
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