Spider Queen

Published 2020-09-08T11:35:55+00:00

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    $5.00 Spider Queen

    Published 2020-09-08T11:35:55+00:00

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    Technical Information
    Date published 08/09/2020
    Price $5.00
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    Object Parts
    Spider Q Base.stl 53 MB
    Spider Q Body.stl 34 MB
    Spider Q Leg 1.Stl 6 MB
    Spider Q Leg 2.Stl 3 MB
    Spider Q Leg 3.Stl 3 MB
    Spider Q Leg 4.Stl 3 MB
    Spider Q Leg 5.Stl 4 MB
    Spider Q Leg 6.Stl 3 MB
    Spider Q Leg 7.Stl 4 MB
    Spider Q Leg 8.Stl 3 MB
    Spider Q Whole.stl 10 MB
    Spider Queen Base.chitubox 71 MB
    Spider Queen Body.chitubox 14 MB
    Spider Queen Legs.chitubox 55 MB