Steam fueled Landship with crew

Published 2021-05-17T08:40:35+00:00

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    $40.00 Steam fueled Landship with crew

    Published 2021-05-17T08:40:35+00:00

    Magori Minaitures


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    Technical Information
    Date published 17/05/2021
    Price $40.00
    Dimensions 75x178x181
    Support Free YES
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Back Wheel Inner Part Print Two Times R.stl 13 MB
    Back Wheel Outer Rim Print Two Times R.stl 3 MB
    Front Wheel Connection Modulr.stl 21 MB
    Helmsman Handr.stl 39 MB
    Presupp Captain.stl 14 MB
    Presupp Crew Refileman.stl 33 MB
    Presupp Harpooner Body.stl 31 MB
    Presupp Helmsmanr.stl 5 MB
    Presupp Spyglass Crew.stl 22 MB
    Rifle Handr.stl 14 MB
    Supported Back Boxr.stl 1 MB
    Supported Basic Hand.stl 75 MB
    Supported Cannonr.stl 10 MB
    Supported Chimneyr.stl 83 MB
    Supported Flagr.stl 5 MB
    Supported Front Boxr.stl 103 MB
    Supported Front Wheel Print Two Times.stl 18 MB
    Supported Harpoon Hand.stl 34 MB
    Supported Lookout Cager.stl 37 MB
    Supported Main Mast1R.stl 14 MB
    Supported Mechanical Partsr.stl 28 MB
    Supported Ship Mainbodyr.stl 2 MB
    Supported Spyglass Hand.stl 53 MB