Tasty Springos Pack No.1

Published 2018-10-18T04:06:15+00:00

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    $6.99 Tasty Springos Pack No.1

    Published 2018-10-18T04:06:15+00:00

    Devin Montes


    459 objects

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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 18/10/2018
    Price $6.99
    Dimensions 32.95mm x 68.9mm x 2.59mm
    Technology FDM
    Complexity Very Difficult
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Apple Full Leaf.stl 23 MB
    Apple Full Nosupports.stl 26 MB
    Apple Full Supports.stl 741 KB
    Apple Half Leaf.stl 33 MB
    Apple Half Nosupports.stl 30 MB
    Apple Half Supports.stl 739 KB
    Banana Full Bot.stl 67 MB
    Banana Full Singlepart.stl 54 MB
    Banana Full Top.stl 66 MB
    Banana Half Bot.stl 63 MB
    Banana Half Singlepart.stl 984 KB
    Banana Half Top.stl 72 MB
    Bellpepper Full Bot Nosupport.stl 24 MB
    Bellpepper Full Bot Support.stl 984 KB
    Bellpepper Full Singlepart.stl 986 KB
    Bellpepper Full Top.stl 15 MB
    Bellpepper Half Bot Nosupport.stl (Repaired) 24 MB
    Bellpepper Half Bot Support.stl 988 KB
    Bellpepper Half Singlepart.stl 30 MB
    Bellpepper Half Top.stl 13 MB
    Jack Dual Big Bot.stl 6 MB
    Jack Dual Big Face.stl 71 MB
    Jack Dual Mid Bot.stl 308 KB
    Jack Dual Mid Face.stl 2 MB
    Jack Dual Small Bot.stl 9 MB
    Jack Dual Small Face.stl 2 MB
    Jack Dual Small Solidbot.stl 291 KB
    Jack Dual Small Solidface.stl 108 MB
    Jack Large Top.stl 2 MB
    Jack Mid Top.stl 81 MB
    Jack Single Big.stl 1 MB
    Jack Single Mid.stl 50 MB
    Jack Single Small.stl 1 MB
    Jack Small Top.stl 35 MB
    Pineapple Full Bot.stl 4 MB
    Pineapple Full Smoothtop.stl 554 KB
    Pineapple Full Top.stl 38 MB
    Pineapple Half Bot 1.Stl 81 MB
    Pineapple Half Top.stl 986 KB
    Pineapple Quarter Bot.stl 8 MB
    Pineapple Quarter Top.stl 51 MB
    Pumpkina Big Nosupports.stl 22 MB
    Pumpkina Big Supports.stl 15 MB
    Pumpkina Big Top.stl 6 MB
    Pumpkina Mid Nosupports.stl 22 MB
    Pumpkina Mid Supports.stl 13 MB
    Pumpkina Mid Top.stl 6 MB
    Pumpkinb Mid Nosupports.stl 10 MB
    Pumpkinb Mid Supports.stl 1 MB
    Pumpkinb Mid Top.stl 30 MB
    Pumpkinb Small Nosupports.stl 15 MB
    Pumpkinb Small Supports.stl 16 MB
    Pumpkinb Small Top.stl 1 MB
    Pumpkinc Large Nosupports.stl 19 MB
    Pumpkinc Large Supports.stl 16 MB
    Pumpkinc Large Top.stl 11 MB
    Pumpkinc Mid Nosupports.stl 479 KB
    Pumpkinc Mid Supports.stl 19 MB
    Pumpkinc Mid Top.stl 10 MB
    Pumpkinc Small Nosupports.stl 16 MB
    Pumpkinc Small Supports.stl 467 KB
    Pumpkinc Small Top.stl 11 MB
    Squash Full Bot Nosupports.stl 9 MB
    Squash Full Bot Supports.stl 234 KB
    Squash Full Top.stl 9 MB
    Squash Half Bot Nosupports.stl 234 KB
    Squash Half Bot Supports.stl 10 MB
    Squash Half Top.stl 10 MB