Thrust Reverser for Business Turbofan, Bucket Type

Published 2018-11-20T09:42:18+00:00

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    $20.00 Thrust Reverser for Business Turbofan, Bucket Type

    Published 2018-11-20T09:42:18+00:00

    Motoo Kondo


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    Technical Information
    Date published 20/11/2018
    Price $20.00
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Control Base L102.Stl 3 MB
    Control Base L201.Stl 3 MB
    Dummy Bst Rotor01.Stl 88 KB
    Engine Pylon01Ws.stl 27 KB
    Exhaust Case901Ws.stl 17 KB
    Fan Duct Bst901Ws.stl 816 KB
    Fan Duct Inner901.Stl 455 KB
    Fan Duct Rr201Ws.stl 73 KB
    Fan Rotor01Ws.stl 36 KB
    Fan Tube Cover901Ws.stl 498 KB
    Front Case801Ws.stl 78 KB
    Gas Gene Case901Ws.stl 25 KB
    Gear Box101Ws.stl 441 KB
    Intake Cowling In01Ws.stl 364 KB
    Intake Cowling Out101Ws.stl 25 KB
    Intake Cowling Out102.Stl 652 KB
    Main Cowl Btm301Ws.stl 141 KB
    Main Cowl Btm302Ws.stl 16 KB
    Main Cowl Cover01Ws.stl 58 KB
    Main Cowl Cover03.Stl 129 KB
    Main Cowl Cover102Ws.stl 42 KB
    Main Cowl Stop01.Stl 221 KB
    Mount Adapter Frt01.Stl 184 KB
    Mount Adapter Rr01.Stl 173 KB
    Mount Bracket Frt01.Stl 19 KB
    Mount Bracket Rr01Ws.stl 34 KB
    Mount Holder101.Stl 18 KB
    Mount Stand02.Stl 21 KB
    Mount Stand301.Stl 56 KB
    Pp Base Cover01.Stl 211 KB
    Pp Base01.Stl 76 KB
    Pp Handle Button01.Stl 173 KB
    Pp Pinion015 20 06 01.Stl 49 KB
    Pp Rack015 20 06 01.Stl 67 KB
    Reverser Knob01.Stl 293 KB
    Reverser L Link L101.Stl 70 KB
    Reverser Lever L101.Stl 138 KB
    Reverser Link01.Stl 817 KB
    Spinner01Ws.stl 1 MB
    Thrust Knob L01Ws.stl 76 KB
    Thrust Lever L201.Stl 231 KB
    Thrust Lever L202.Stl 34 KB
    Thrust Lever L203.Stl 13 KB
    Tr Bckt Cowl Flg Frt01.Stl 37 KB
    Tr Bckt Cowl Flg Rr01Ws.stl 30 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Dwn02Ws.stl 396 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Dwn101Ws.stl 51 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Holder201Ws.stl 968 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Holder202.Stl 245 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Holder203.Stl 13 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Up02Ws.stl 27 KB
    Tr Bckt Door Up101Ws.stl 55 KB
    Tr Bckt Fairing201Ws.stl 30 KB
    Tr Bckt Fairing202.Stl 4 KB
    Tr Bckt Frt Flg201.Stl 75 KB
    Tr Bckt Handle401.Stl 20 KB
    Tr Bckt In Duct201.Stl 145 KB
    Tr Bckt In Duct202.Stl 85 KB
    Tr Bckt Lever Frt Boss201.Stl 202 KB
    Tr Bckt Lever Frt Link01.Stl 933 KB
    Tr Bckt Lever Frt Linkp05.Stl 21 KB
    Tr Bckt Lever Frt101.Stl 433 KB
    Tr Bckt Lever Rr Link201.Stl 684 B
    Tr Bckt Lever Rr Stop01Ws.stl 345 KB
    Tr Bckt Out Duct201.Stl 905 KB
    Tr Bckt Out Duct202Ws.stl 60 KB
    Tr Bckt Rod Guide201.Stl 98 KB
    Tr Bckt Rr Flg201Ws.stl 780 KB
    Tr Bckt Slide Base02.Stl 437 KB
    Tr Bckt Slide Base03.Stl 216 KB
    Tr Bckt Slide Base103.Stl 30 KB
    Tr Bckt Slide Base104.Stl 2 MB
    Tr Bckt Slide Base201.Stl 115 KB
    Tr Bckt Slide Lever201.Stl 851 KB
    Tr Bckt Slide Lever202.Stl 39 KB