Transformable Valkrii

Published 2021-02-08T09:12:40+00:00

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    $19.90 Transformable Valkrii

    Published 2021-02-08T09:12:40+00:00



    17 objects

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    Technical Information
    Date published 08/02/2021
    Price $19.90
    Support Free YES
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    Object Parts
    10A Val Gun1 Black.stl 2 MB
    10B Val Gun2 Lightblue.stl 1 MB
    11A Val Standbase1.Stl 2 MB
    11B Val Standbase2.Stl 37 KB
    11C Val Standbase3.Stl 1 MB
    11D Standbase4Main.stl 456 KB
    11E Standbase5Large.stl 8 MB
    11E Standbase5Medium.stl 8 MB
    11E Standbase5Small.stl 7 MB
    1A Val Head1 Helmet White.stl 102 KB
    1B Val Head2 Visor Green.stl 2 MB
    1C Val Head3 Face Grey.stl 2 MB
    1D Val Head4 Antenna Grey.stl 1 MB
    1E Val Head5 Neck Grey.stl 1 MB
    1F Val Head6 Neck2 Black.stl 2 MB
    2A Val Bodyfront1 White.stl 37 KB
    2B Val Bodyfront2 Red.stl 6 MB
    2C Val Bodyfront3 Grey.stl 2 MB
    2D Val Bodyfront4 White.stl 157 KB
    2E Val Bodyfront5 Black.stl 984 KB
    2F Val Bodyfront6 Lightblue.stl 2 MB
    2G Val Bodyfront7 Grey.stl 448 KB
    2H Val Bodyfront8 Red.stl 10 MB
    2I Val Bodyfront9 White.stl 6 MB
    2J Val Bodyfront10 Grey.stl 3 MB
    2K Val Bodyfront11 Black.stl 351 KB
    3A Val Bodyback1 White.stl 566 KB
    3B Val Bodyback2 Grey.stl 207 KB
    3C Val Bodyback3 Grey.stl 322 KB
    3D Val Bodyback4 Grey.stl 632 KB
    3E Val Bodyback5 Grey.stl 2 MB
    3F Val Bodyback6 White.stl 1 MB
    3G Val Bodyback7 White.stl 7 MB
    3H Val Bodyback8 Grey.stl 4 MB
    4A Val Backpack1 Red.stl 25 KB
    4B Val Backpack2 Red.stl 308 KB
    4C Val Backpack3 Grey.stl 2 MB
    4D Val Backpack4 Grey.stl 1008 KB
    4E Val Backpack5 Red.stl 137 KB
    4F Val Backpack6 Grey.stl 635 KB
    5A Val Wing1 White.stl 796 KB
    5B Val Wing2 Red.stl 4 MB
    5C Val Wing3 Red.stl 2 MB
    5D Val Wing4 White.stl 315 KB
    5E Val Wing5 Red.stl 5 MB
    6A Val Hip1 White.stl 1 MB
    6B Val Hip2 White.stl 226 KB
    6C Val Hip3 Grey.stl 2 MB
    7A Val Thigh1 White.stl 36 KB
    7B Val Thigh2 White.stl 537 KB
    7C Val Thigh3 White.stl 4 MB
    7D Val Thigh4 White.stl 4 MB
    7E Val Thigh5 White.stl 2 MB
    7F Val Thigh6 White.stl 3 MB
    7G Val Thigh7 Grey.stl 227 KB
    7H Val Thigh8 Grey.stl 4 MB
    8A Val Hand1 White.stl 124 KB
    8B Val Hand2 White.stl 2 MB
    8C Val Hand3 White.stl 5 MB
    8D Val Hand4 Grey.stl 4 MB
    8E Val Hand5 White.stl 650 KB
    8F Val Hand6 White.stl 5 MB
    8G Val Hand7 Red.stl 676 KB
    8H Val Hand8 Grey.stl 904 KB
    8I Val Hand9Fist Grey.stl 29 KB
    9A Val Foot1Right White.stl 382 KB
    9B Val Foot2Left White.stl 389 KB
    9C Val Foot3 White.stl 1 MB
    9D Val Foot4 Red.stl 6 MB
    9E Val Foot5 White.stl 712 KB
    9F Val Foot6 Grey.stl 367 KB
    9G Val Foot7 White.stl 689 KB
    9H Val Foot8 White.stl 2 MB
    9I Val Foot9 White.stl 4 MB
    9J Val Foot10 Grey.stl 2 MB
    9K Val Foot11 Grey.stl 333 KB
    9L Val Foot12 Grey.stl 2 MB
    9M Val Foot13 Grey.stl 3 MB
    9N Val Foot14 White.stl 5 MB
    Screwa.stl 4 MB
    Screwb.stl 3 MB
    Screwc.stl 4 MB
    Screwd.stl 3 MB
    Screwdriver.stl 8 MB
    Screwe.stl 4 MB