Turbofan Engine, 1st Generation

Published 2019-04-01T09:05:09+00:00

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    $10.00 Turbofan Engine, 1st Generation

    Published 2019-04-01T09:05:09+00:00

    Motoo Kondo


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    Printing Details
    Technical Information
    Date published 01/04/2019
    Price $10.00
    Object Parts
    Airduct Elbow01Ws 1.Stl
    Cc Out Case01Ws 1.Stl
    Fn Adapter01Ws 1.Stl
    Fanduct In Ctr01Ws 1.Stl
    Fanduct In Frt01Ws 1.Stl
    Spacer 9 20 09 1.Stl
    Rotate Tool04 1.Stl
    Stand Rear201 1.Stl
    Exh Cone01Ws 1.Stl
    Stand Rear Stop01 1.Stl
    Lpc Stop01 1.Stl
    Rotate Tool02 1.Stl
    Hpc 2 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Hpc 4 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Fanduct Out Ctr101Ws 1.Stl
    Hpc 3 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Stand Front01 1.Stl
    Hpc 5 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Hpc 6 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Fuel Nozzle Ring01 1.Stl
    Hpc 1 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Fanduct In Rr101Ws 1.Stl
    Lpc 3 Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpc 4 Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpc 2 Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpc 5 Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Hpc Case101Ws 1.Stl
    Inlet Duct01 1.Stl
    Spinner Cone01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpt 2 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Lpc 1 Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Inlet Hsg01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpt Case01Ws 1.Stl
    Gb Main Rr01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpc Case101 1.Stl
    Rotate Tool103 1.Stl
    Diff Case01Ws 1.Stl
    Lpt 1 Rotor01 1.Stl
    Gb Main Frt01Ws 1.Stl
    Exh Frame302Ws 1.Stl
    Hpt Case01Ws 1.Stl
    Exh Frame401Ws 1.Stl
    Fanduct Out Frt101Ws 1.Stl
    Inter Case201Ws 1.Stl
    Hpt Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Hpc 7 12 Rotor01Ws 1.Stl
    Cc Liner Assy01 1.Stl