Vile Steel Dragon (Gargantuan size)

Published 2020-03-17T09:40:11+00:00

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    $18.99 Vile Steel Dragon (Gargantuan size)

    Published 2020-03-17T09:40:11+00:00

    Mini Monster Mayhem

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    Technical Information
    Date published 17/03/2020
    Price $18.99
    Dimensions 25.47mm x 64.18mm x 61.1mm
    More Information
    Object Parts
    Viledragon Armleft Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 54 MB
    Viledragon Armright Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 54 MB
    Viledragon Base Fullbody Pose01 Solid.stl 17 MB
    Viledragon Base01 Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Base01 Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 17 MB
    Viledragon Base02 Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Base02 Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 32 MB
    Viledragon Body Fullbody Pose01 Solid.stl 9 MB
    Viledragon Body Fullbodythickerpoints Pose01 Solid.stl 10 MB
    Viledragon Head Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 37 MB
    Viledragon Head Tail01 Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Legleft Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 28 MB
    Viledragon Legright Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 43 MB
    Viledragon Legs Arms Tail02 Multipiece Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Tail01 Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 22 MB
    Viledragon Tail02 Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 35 MB
    Viledragon Torso Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Torso Pose01 Multip Hollowp.stl 13 MB
    Viledragon Wingleft Fullbody Pose01 Solid.stl 23 MB
    Viledragon Wingleft01 Pose01 Multip Hollow.stl 47 MB
    Viledragon Wingleft0103 Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Wingleft02 Pose01 Multip Hollow.stl 31 MB
    Viledragon Wingleft03 Pose01 Multip Hollow.stl 16 MB
    Viledragon Wingright Fullbody Pose01 Sold.stl (Repaired) 13 MB
    Viledragon Wingright01 Pose01 Multip Hollow.stl 39 MB
    Viledragon Wingright0103 Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Wingright02 Pose01 Multip Hollow.stl 24 MB
    Viledragon Wingright02 Wingleft02 Pose01 Multip Hollow.chitubox
    Viledragon Wingright03 Pose01 Multip Hollow.stl 23 MB