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Vishnu Vasudeva stele

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    Vishnu Vasudeva stele

    Published 2016-12-22T16:57:49+00:00

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    Technical Information
    Date published 22/12/2016
    Time to do 60 - 180 minutes
    Material Quantity 100 grams
    Dimensions 48,76mm x 26,19mm x 106,90mm
    Technology FDM
    Complexity Easy
    More Information
    Title Vishnu Vasudeva stele
    Date 12th Century
    Dimension Height 1.01m
    Accession MA6267
    Period Pala-Sena Dynasty
    Medium Shale
    Credit From the Musée national des Arts Asiatiques
    Place Musée Guimet
    Object Parts
    Guimet Vishnu Vasudeva Stl Corrected Repaired Cut 2.stl
    3D View