3D Printing Content Trends Report - June 18

3D Printing Content Trends Report #19

June 2018

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This is the nineteenth edition of the 3D Printing Content Trends Report. Previous reports can be found at the following links: #18: May 2018; #17: April 2018; #16: March 2018; #15: February 2018; #14: January 2018; #13: December 2017; #12: November 2017;  #11: October 2017; #10: September 2017; #9: August 2017; #8: July 2017; #7: June 2017; #6: May 2017; #5: April 2017; #4: March 2017; #3: February 2017; #2: January 2017, and; #1: December 2016.

Based on global data from MyMiniFactory for June 2018, this trends report is the authority to answer the question "What are people 3D printing on their desktop 3D printers?". Consumer desktop 3D printing is nothing without content, and MyMiniFactory was the host of 50,434 published objects as of 30th June 2018 (+2,135 objects m/m).

Figure 1: Total objects published at month's end

This monthly report gives insights into 3D printable object consumption for the past month: the verticals, the categories, the top designers, geographical markets, etc. in the quest to help 3D printer manufacturers, 3D design software publishers, 3D designers and other 3D printing industry observers, analysts and commentators better understand the demand for 3D printable files. We welcome feedback, ideas for new data publication and comments about this initiative: don't hesitate to contact us.

Number of objects downloaded in June 2018:


Figure 2: Total downloads per month

Most Popular Categories

Total downloads for June 2018 represent a 20% increase over same period last year. Some 31,336 different objects were downloaded at least once across June (which represents 65% of all objects at 30th June). We have broken down below the most popular object categories by number of downloads. The Fan Art category remained at #1 spot in June, followed this month by Toys & GamesHome & GardenScan the WorldProps & CosplayGadgets & Electronics, and Education.

Figure 3: Most popular categories - June 2018

Published Designers

The total number of designers with at least 1 object published on their profile grew to 10,470 published designers at the end of June (+1,032 m/m).

Figure 4: Total number of published designers

Top Designers

Below are the top downloaded designers or profiles for June 2018 - designers whose objects were particularly popular for the month.

The trio on the podium once again stays the same: Scan the World tops the list, followed by Printed Obsession  and Devin Montes  from MakeAnything. We see many designers on this list from the MyMiniFactory Studios Program - the fact that they share their work exclusively to MyMiniFactory means an increase in download numbers. 






1 (=) Scan The World 19,082
2 (+1) Printed Obsession 12,265
3 (-1) Devin Montes 8,958
4 (=)    Kirby Downey 3,816
5 (+5)     Daniel Lilygreen  3,485
6 (=)  Miniworld   3,357
7 (=) Fotis Mint   3,213
8(=)   Louvre Museum 3,032
9 (-4)   David Östman 2,782
10 (+1)    Michal Fanta  2,754


Countries by Popularity 

The map below indicates download percentages by country. Hover over each country to see the percentage of total downloads that came from that location.

The top 3 most active countries by downloads for the month of June 2018  were: USA (25.33%), France (6.10%) and Germany (5.48%).

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That's it for the June report! We will be building on this trend report month on month to bring you even more data and insight. If you have any suggestions or ideas for what you'd like to see in the next report - or would like custom or more detailed information - please get in touch. If you'd like to be notified when the next report is released just input your email address below.