Release Notes

3DR is a company at the heart of the open source movement, and in light of the Made for Solo Project they are releasing their fully 3D printable drone - The IRIS+ - to the MyMiniFactory community. MyMiniFactory users will be able to download the files for this drone completely free of charge, giving them a unique opportunity to construct it at home after purchasing the necessary electronic components.

This is the first drone 3DR has released in this way, and it clearly echoes their attitude towards the open source community and their approach to the future of flying. 3DR is encouraging users to add to and embellish parts of the IRIS+, and by tapping into the extraordinary power of 3D printing, users are able to truly #makethedroneyourown

MyMiniFactory has spent the last week printing and assembling the first 3D printed IRIS+ so as to be able to offer you a brief guide for assembly with optimal printer settings.


Download the IRIS+

The Print

After much testing to find the perfect balance of weight and strength, MyMiniFactory have arrived at an optimal range of print settings for this build:

The Build

  • Extra info on electrical components for can be found here.
  • Full details of our build and troubleshooting can be found here.
  • 3DRobotics have also provided a step by step YouTube guide to help you set up your IRIS+.

3D Printable Accessories

Thanks to the awesomenes of the open source 3D print community you now have access to a free collection of accessories and adapters for the IRIS+

Collaborate, Innovate & Share

A massive thank you to 3DR and the open source design comunity for coming together to make this possibe. I'm sure some of you will come up with new modifications and improvments and we want to hear all about it, so make sure you share and give back to the community.

Happy Printing!

Download the IRIS+