MyMiniFactory Jewellery is a Platform dedicated to the making of 3D printed JEWELLERY. A special place for jewellery makers and designers where they can share thier knowledge and learn from one another.  

The site has the following information for your perusal and delictation:

MATERIALS for Jewellery making. Jewellery can be made in a vast and pretty much endless range of MATERIALS. We discuss them them here and show you what we know. 

Dedicated information from YOU the COMMUINITY on METHODS and EXPERTS around the world on how to turn a 3D Print into a finished piece of jewellery. 

COMPETITONS where you can WIN dope prizes and get mad exposure on the website.  

A Space where INFO and EXPERTISE are shared on the best jewellery practices. 

A CAFE where users can check out the latest uploads, competition winners, advances in technology, and whgere different CAD Jewellery programs and the latest 3D printers are rated, tested, and reviewed.

We pay particular attention to the use and importance of PRECIOUS METALS in the jewellery trade. A breakdown of the fluctuating price of SILVER and GOLD. 

A non-biased comparison of 3D Printing tehnologies allowing users them to make an informed decision about WHAT TO BUY for the type of jewellery they intend to make. 

A Monthly FEATURED DESIGNERS section where we profile the most cutting edge jewellery designers on the platform. Interviews, Videos, and Tips from top designers in the spotlight. 

A TV CHANNEL hosting Live Design from Professional CAD Jewellers and our in-house and external community designers, pre-recorded video tutorials from experts and software developers, links to relevant vlogs, timelapses of 3D printers, etc.