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 MyMiniFactory is home to a community of over 11,000 passionate 3D designers who share over 50,000 free and premium 3D printable objects and STL files daily for you to 3D print.

It's important to show your support for your favourite designers, allow them to grow and develop their skills. This is why we introduced "Tips".


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Reward Their Passion

Talented 3D designers from around the world spend hours creating guaranteed 3D printable objects to upload to MyMiniFactoryTipping is a great way to show your support for your favourite designers. For many, your support on MyMiniFactory is the only remuneration for their hard work and what allows them to keep creating.

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Encourage Designers to Grow

Your support will help designers develop their skills in 3D design and ultimately your 3D prints. Software, filament and 3D printers can be expensive and a small donation goes a long way in our community. Help designers’ talent flourish and give them that little extra kickstart they need to gain the recognition they deserve.

Everything goes in their Pocket

MyMiniFactory takes no commission on tips and pledges. While Paypal will take a small percentage (roughly 3%), the rest of your tip will go straight to the designer’s pocket. So you know exactly how much you are giving to the designer.




How Tipping Works

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Our Values

Happy Designers

With your support, our talented community of designers makes sure that every object is high-quality and unique.

Happy Community

Our community is key! We encourage sharing and openness at every step and recognise that it is 3D designers and contributors that are the real superstars.