About the spare part initiative

Why 3D printing spare parts?
The current spare part logistics is satisfactory for neither the manufacturer nor the end user.
They have to maintain an expensive inventory of parts and limit in time their availability. 
End users: 
If the device is recent, they have to go through an expensive and time consuming process to get the part their need. 
If the device is too old, it is impossible to find the part and they have to replace it, leading to higher expenses and unnecessary wastes. 
3D printing is a perfect solution to this problem for a growing selection of parts. It can replace the expensive inventory by an online library with no limited availability and give end users a quasi-instant access to the part they need.
MyMiniFactory wants to become the go-to place when you need a replacement part by providing 3D models guarantied printable and functional.
We strongly believe that, with forward thinking brands and our amazing community, we can disrupt the spare part logistics, drive 3D printing to the next level, reduce our environmental footprint and make everyone’s life easier.
If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to provide feedback about anything related to spare parts, please contact: