Battery Cover Design Tips and Tricks

A Battery cover can be a difficult part to design. It can have many curves, clips, round edges and it needs to fit your device, so measurements need to be very precise.
Here are some useful tools and some advice to help you to design your battery covers.

The info you need:
In order to design the cover accurately, you will need the following data. Your measurements need to be as precise as possible so we recommend using a caliper.

Even if you lost your cover, you can get the information you need from your device:

Shape library:
In this section, you will find different types of covers, a method to design each type and the tools you will need. Each tool has a small video tutorial associated to it, in the Tutorials section.
Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

If the front and rear sections are not planar, you can replace them with relevant planar sections and then use the “Subtraction” tool to adapt the shape.
If you need help to define your section, to find the relevant sections or if you need any assistance, please contact:
Clips and Pins:
Here are a few tips to help you to earn some time when designing those parts:
Tool “Section”:

Tool “Extrusion”:

Tool “Sweep”:

Tool “Plane”:

Tool “Loft”:

Tool “Loft with guide curve”:

Tool “Substraction”:

If you have any queries or concerns, or would like to provide feedback about anything, please contact: