How to Create a 3D Printable Valve Cap with Fusion 360


You’ve lost valve caps of your bike or car? Don’t worry, today I’m going to explain you how to design another one 3D printable, with the free software Fusion 360. Moreover,I will explain you different ways to customize it so it will be able to replace your dear lost cap.


Part 1 : Creation of the body


In this part, I will explain you how to create the template of the valve cap. You can use the same techniques to create many other shapes. Indeed a lot of objects are easy to design with simple shapes like for the valve cap. We will go step by step to learn how to create the  sketch, extrusion, hole, thread …



1 - Click on the button “Create a sketch”. A sketch, is a 2D Drawing, it is the base used to create a 3D objects with tools like extrude, revolve or swipe (that we will see later).


2- Create a circle with the tool “circle” in the sketch section. First, choose the “Center diameter circle” tool  (1), then enter a diameter in the diameter field (2) (10mm in this example). If you don’t enter a value in this field and click on enter, the field will disappear. To resolve this problem, you just have to click on the tool “Sketch Dimension” (3), and then select the circle that you want to resize (4) . To exist the sketch click on stop sketch (5).


3- Extrude the profile that you’ve just create in the precedent step. Click on the “extrude” tool (1), and then fill in the form (2). In this form you can select many options, like the direction of extrusion, the way of extrusion or the distance.( Here, for example, I extruded 13.5 mm, in the positive direction, indeed if you write a positive number the extrusion will be in the default direction perpendicular to the sketch. If you want to change that add a minus behind the number).



4- Create a hole. In the same way than the 2nd step, create a circle sketch on the top  face of the extrusion and select a diameter of 9 mm. (Note that when you are creating the circle in the sketch you have to select the same center than the previous one, in order to have concentric circles).Click on the extrude tool and in the form select “Cut”. When you select “Cut” you have to be careful that the extrusion is in the good direction, indeed it has to cut the object so the direction has to be in the body, if it’s not add a minus behind the number.



5- Create The thread. Here we will create the thread thanks to the tool thread. Select the tool “Tread” in the “Create” section (1), and next be careful to Click on “Modeled” (2), it’s very import for the printability of our piece (If you don’t select this option the thread will only be modeled virtually and not with the shape of a thread). For this example don’t touch other parameters of the form. In the section Thread you can select the type of profile, the size, the designation (name of the thread, it depends on profile and size)), the class (Automatic in function of the other parameters), and to finish you can select the direction of the thread (Right or Left).




6- Now your cap is ready to use ! … But you certainly want to customize it, I will give you some ways to make it look better.


Part 2 : Customization of a simple cap.



In this part, I will explain you how to create the template of the valve cap. You can use the same techniques to create many other shapes. Indeed a lot of objects are easy to design with simple shapes like for the valve cap. We will go step by step to learn how to create the  sketch, extrusion, hole, thread …



1- Filet Tool. You can add filet on the bottom of the cap. To do this you just have to go in the model workspace → Modify → Filet and select the edges that you want to be rounded.


2- Circular Pattern Tool


With this tool, we are going to make holes around the cylinder.Firstly, you have to sketch the shape you want to remove.




3- Text Tool






Part 3 : Insert a cap into a figurine (or any other objects).


Here we will see how to customize an object to create a valve cap inside. For the example we will take an object in particular, but you can use every figures from the MyMiniFactory platform.




1- Download a .stl file. (If you have another type of file please contact us)


2- Upload the stl file. Click on Data Panel (1), and then on Upload (2). This button will upload your file on your personal space of Fusion 360 and convert it into a comprehensible format for the software. Next select your file in your computer (3).



3-  When the upload is over. Double click on the object in order to open it in Fusion 360. Now open the Mesh Workspace (1) (if it is your first use of this tool, you have to activate it in Preferences → Preview → Mesh workspace), and then click on Modify→ Scale (2).



4- Select all of the figure when you are in “model” workspace (you just have to click on the object) and return in mesh workspace (it’s the fastest way to select all the facets of your figure). Choose good parameters of density (Low number, but not to much to don’t lose in quality of the part, you can make it step by step to see the result on the piece). (Note that face count has to be under 50 000 because if it’s more than that, the transformation from mesh to body will fail).


5- Cut.Thanks to the tool “Plane Cut”, we will cut our body, in order to create a plan surface to make the hole for the cap thread. Before using this tool we have to create an offset plane from selecting the plane of origins as below (Click on offset plane in construct menu and then select the offset plane (1) ). This new plane will be our splitting tool to cut the figure. After you just have to click on “plane cut” in “modify” menu and then select your mesh body and the plane created and select the “file type” as “Uniforme” (2).


6- Creation of a body. Choose patch workspace (1), and then click on Modify → Mesh → Mesh to BRep (2). This tool will create a body of your mesh part. After you can delete the mesh, because you have generated a New Body.


7- Sketch the hole. Turn the body and make a sketch on the new surface created. Sketch a first hole bigger than the final one, Cut it, and re-extrude it in the other way, to create a plane without all the triangular faces (like below).Then sketch a hole with the right size (in our example, 9mm)  and make the thread like explained in part 1 step 5.


8- Share your creation on MyminiFactory Here