Doom BFG (guide)


Enter the #MyBFG3D Contest
Submit your idea for a chance to win a 1:1 scale BFG
Submit your BFG concept image/skin
Be sure to share w/ the #MyBFG3D Hashtag



Ever wanted to feel real power in your hands? Now you can…You have the chance to win a 3D printed 1:1 scale model of the BFG from the new video game: DOOM.

All you have to do is submit an idea of what you think your BFG should look like! This could be anything, from a weapon skin, weapon attachments or player ID/logo etched into the gun. Let your imagination run wild! Make the BFG #MYBFG3D

To qualify an entry please submit an IDEAS post with description and images to the MyMinifactory Doom Ideas contest page!



A winner will be chosen by the number of “Cheers” on their submitted Idea - To “Cheer” simply click the idea then hit the cheer button on the right hand side.
The more cheers an idea gets the better chance of you winning! So share, share and share your submission to your friends, family and anyone else!



Winner will receive a 3D printed 1:1 scale model of the BFG.
The BFG is over 1.5 meters long, 1 meter wide and over 1,000 hours of 3D printed parts!

This gun is a monster!



IDEA Submissions open - 8th April 2016
IDEA Submissions close - 8th May 2016
WINNER announced - 9th May 2016



Please include as much information as possible when submitting your entry with instructions or diagrams. The more information the better!
You can submit as many entries as you like.
Due to the size of the printed model, this competition is open to UK particpants only.



All entries that meet the requirements will be hosted by on the DOOM BFG IDEAS contest page.
Idea with the most “CHEERS” will be selected as winner!
Ideas will go live as soon as they are validated by the MMF team and Bethesda Community Manager.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

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