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Join The Revolution
Become part of the world's first "Digical" app store and unlock the unparalleled capabilities where Digital meets Physical.
Crowdsourced design
Tap into the vast community of MyMiniFactory’s talented 3D designers, and task them with generating high value guaranteed 3D printable content for your brand.
Empower Your Consumers
Understand how your customers are using your products and how to develop your range further through visual concepts, trending objects and analytic feedback.
Enhance Your Products
Extend the life, functionality and compatibility of your products by incentivising brand community libraries of curated 3D printable content.
Brand exclusive content
Commision "Star Designers" to design exlusive flagship content for your brand to use in events, give aways, and advocate incentives.

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Submissions so far:

$35,000+ in prizes won

Incentivise your consumers to drive innovation

28 Brands to GoDigical

Join the Digical revolution!

68,000 community votes

Let your users have thier say

16,000+ approved designs

All objects test printed to ensure quality and functionality

150,000+ registered users

The largest community file sharing site in the world, for curated, 3D printable content

1.5 million page views a month

Maximise your exposure and create advocates of your brand

Connect with your community

Create a home for your community and tap into their creativity

Enhance your product

Extend the life, functionality and compatibility of your products by empowering brand ocmmunity libraries of curated 3D printable

Customer Insight

Keep your finger on the pulse with real time feedback from your community through visual concepts and analytic feedback. Track the most popular items in your collection to gain a better understanding of how your users are interacting with your products and how to develop your range further.

Inspire your consumers

Collaborate with your community, enable them to personalise and adapt your products, creating invested users that feel connected to the development of your brand and its product range

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