Fantasic Plants and Rocks Vol 2

Welcome fellow tabletop gamers!

My name is Emmanuel Lepas, better known as PrintYourMonsters on Patreon. After the success of my first Kickstarter, with over 3500 Backers and Late pledges, I’m excited to introduce you to my second Project - Fantastic Plants & Rocks Vol.2!

With a completely new collection, lots of stretch goals and new Add-ons, I hope you will be many to back this project!

Again, thank you so much, to all of you, for your support.


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What's New?

Thanks to all of the support from backers, the first ‘Chosen By You’ Stretch Goal has been unlocked! Backers have chosen the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K & the Aqua Gray 4K Resin Deal to be unlocked and now have access to the best price in the market, available exclusively to backers. It’s not too late to back now to unlock this fantastic offer! Please check out our latest updates for more details.


New stretch goals unlocked! Thanks to all of your dedication to PrintYourMonsters and MyMiniFactory, backers can enjoy more rewards! If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to pledge to access these new exclusive rewards.

Includes the FIRST RELEASE of the MyMiniFactory Resin and new MyMiniFactory logo reveal. We know that there’s going to be A LOT of terrain to print once the campaign is over, so this resin will be available at an incredible market-leading price to suit your printing needs. It has been thoroughly tested by MyMiniFactory to guarantee high-quality, as we pride ourselves on sharing the best products with the community. More information about the pricing and details of the resin will be announced shortly.


The Fantastic Print & Paint Competition stretch goal is now unlocked! Print & paint to win incredible prizes.


Rewards chosen by you! Once each of the ‘Chosen By You’ stretch goals is unlocked, MyMiniFactory will share a poll with you so you can choose what YOU want to unlock first.

Please note that MyMiniFactory can only guarantee shipping of physical items to the USA, EU and UK.

But that’s not all… We have also released the Majestic Tree STL files AND all monster Add-On files!

One pledge to get them all!

No need to choose between Plants or Rocks anymore, we created a single pledge for you to get all of them! All the models are pre-supported for resin printing.

New Add-ons with Many Scatter Terrains!

Never offered in our store before, we made 7 new sets available to you through this campaign. Each set is pre-supported for resin printing and offers a combination of epic monsters and scatter terrains.

All-in pledge that includes all Add-ons

To simplify the process of getting Add-ons, we created an All-in pledge that includes all the available Add-ons. Also, this pledge offers significant savings compared to buying them separately.

By pledging to the All-in pledge, you will get, on top of the Core sets and Stretch goals, 7 extra sets representing 68 new models, including monsters and scatter terrains, not available for purchase elsewhere at the moment. All the models are pre-supported for resin printing.

There is also an All-in pledge, with all add-ons as well as the Fantastic Plants and Rocks Vol. 1 if you missed it the first time.

All models are pre-supported for resin printing

In case you hadn’t notice yet, All the models are pre-supported for resin printing and have been tested by our team.

Gifts for previous Backers !

If you were a Backer of my first campaign, Fantastic Plants & Rocks Vol. 1, and you pledge to this one, you will receive 3 Exclusive Grass Scatter terrains sets, this means 15 new fantastic models! These Gifts are offered you, no matter which pledge level of the first campaign you took.

Grass Classic Grass Flowers Grass Stones

Free set for everyone - The Witch Ornaments

This is one of my favourite sets of this campaign and I want to give it out FREE! Download it, print it and paint it to get the full experience.

Click here and enter your email. You will receive the free set within 24h!

Witch Ornaments

Selling Licence

To sell our models all you have to do is to join my Patreon and choose the Monster Merchant tier. Of course with this licence, you can sell all the printed models I created , on Patreon, Myminifactory and Kickstarter.


  • You can only sell your own 3D printings
  • Print all the 3D models you find on my PATREON
  • You can't sell the digital 3D models
  • Every use of the digital model for video productions is prohibited!
  • You can't make a mould for mass production of casts
  • You can sell as long as you support me on Patreon at the “Monster Merchant” tier
  • If at any time you want to stop you can just cancel your Patreon support, or switch to a lower tier
  • I reserve the right to remove supporters from this tier at my own discretion

Fantastic Plants and Rocks Vol.2 - Core Sets and Add-on

Core Set

Core sets

By pledging to this campaign, you will get 20 scatter terrains sets, which represents 100 different STLs!!!! All models are pre-supported for resin printing.

The Core sets:

  • 5 Alien bulbs
  • 5 Buried elder things dwellings
  • 5 Curious grassy rocks
  • 5 Venusian-Ferns
  • 5 Toxic Alien Pines
  • 5 Faerie mushrooms
  • 5 Giant pumpkins
  • 5 Martian cliffs
  • 5 Nekron’s stalagmites
  • 5 Pirate palm trees
  • 5 Poisonous swamp mushrooms
  • 5 Reef stones
  • 5 Underwater stone caves
  • 5 Venusian corals
  • 5 War of the worlds stones
  • 5 Druidic giant pebbles
  • 5 Majestic enchanted trees
  • 5 Marshy dead trees
  • 5 Pandora’s flowers
  • 5 Prickly tall grass
Alien bulbs Buried elder things dwellings Curious grassy rocks Druidic giant pebbles Faerie mushrooms Giant pumpkins Martian cliffs Nekron’s stalagmites Pirate palm trees Poisonous swamp mushrooms Reef stones Toxic Alien Pines Underwater stone caves Venusian corals War of the worlds stones Venusian-Ferns Majestic enchanted trees Marshy dead trees Pandora’s flowers Prickly tall grass


The more backers we have, the more sets you get! Throughout the campaign, as we reach the different stretch goals, these sets will be added as a bonus to the core sets. Feel free to spread the word and unlock the following rewards!

  • 1 000 USD Neptunian Rocks
  • 2 000 USD Parasite Stalagmites
  • 4 000 USD Cave Blazing Crystals
  • 6 000 USD Buried Ancient Temples
  • 9 000 USD Acid Melted Stones
  • 12 000 USD Cybernetic Stones
  • 16 000 USD Agamot's Stones
  • 20 000 USD Maleficient Slates
  • 25 000 USD Majestic Twisted Anemones
  • 30 000 USD Pixel Trees
  • 36 000 USD Giant Anthills
  • 42 000 USD Enhanted Obelisks
  • 49 000 USD Candy Mushrooms
  • 56 000 USD Ancient Moulds
  • 65 000 USD Cave Mushrooms
  • 75 000 USD Red Queens Trees
  • 85 000 USD Desolation Trees
  • 90 000 USD Fantastic Print & Paint Competition
  • 95 000 USD New Terrain Pack TBA
  • 100 000 USD Chosen By You!*
  • 110 000 USD New Terrain Pack TBA
  • 120 000 USD MyMiniFactory Branded Resin Deal
  • 135 000 USD Chosen By You!
  • 150 000 USD Chosen By You!
  • 160 000 USD Chosen By You!
  • 185 000 USD 1 month subscription to MMF+ for FREE

*Choose which of these stretch goals is unlocked first in polls:

  • Large Resin 3D Printer Deal TBA
  • Small Resin 3D Printer Deal TBA
  • Vallejo Paint Set Deal
  • Da Vinci Paint Brush Set Deal

How To Vote

You choose what you want to unlock first! Backers will receive a poll upon each stretch goal unlocked to decide which of the following rewards will be unlocked and in which order:


Fantastic Add-ons!

Available for the first time to the public, we are offering you the opportunity to purchase 7 different sets as Add-ons. Each set is pre-supported for resin printing and are exclusively offered at a discount price through this campaign.

You can purchase them individually or get all of them through the All-In Pledge!


  • Egyptian Temple Pack - 19 monsters and terrains
  • Giant Worms Pack - 4 monsters and terrains
  • Underwater Creature Pack - 9 monsters and terrains
  • Bone Abomination Pack - 7 monsters and terrains
  • Giant Spiders Pack - 16 monsters and terrains
  • Swamp Creature Pack - 5 monsters and terrains
  • Jungle Darkness Mother Pack - 8 monsters and terrains
Egyptian Temple Pack Giant Worms Pack Underwater Creature Pack Bone Abomination Pack Giant Spiders Pack Swamp Creature Pack Jungle Darkness Mother Pack


Where can I find the discount code?

If you are eligible for redeeming a discount code, the discount code can be found in:

I received the discount code after placing an order, what can I do?

In this case, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Once we receive the ticket we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

I have made a Pledge, when will I receive the files?

You will be able to receive the files after the Crowdfunding campaign has ended. Further updates regarding the release date will be announced by the designer. You will be notified via email or an update when the files are available for download at MyMiniFactory Inbox.

Will I be charged immediately or after the end of the campaign?

You will be charged immediately when you make a pledge. You can review your order on the Order Details page.

How do I get a discounted price on Add-ons?

To receive a discounted price on an Add-on you must first purchase one of the pledges from the campaign. Once pledged, you should see the discounted price for the add-ons on the campaign page automatically.

What are Stretch Goals? Are these STLs included in the pledges?

Stretch goals will be unlocked when the campaign reaches a certain amount of the total funding. If your pledge level includes stretch goals, you will receive all the unlocked files at the end of the campaign. To discover all stretch goals you can see them here.

Where can I review my pledge that I purchased?

You can review your pledge in the Pledge section, in your Library >> Campaign or Order Details page.

I have questions about the files, who can I reach out to?

If you are concerned about issues such as the printability of the design, or the content in a pledge, please reach out to the creator of the campaign, or leave a comment in the Comments section.

I need assistance with my payment or other issues, what can I do?

Please contact us if you have any issues with payment: Once we receive the ticket we will get back to you in 3-5 business days.