To Kick- off our new Featuered Designers Section we welcome Nathalia Guarascio to the stage! And what better way than with an interview with the lady herself: 

So, Nathalia your're our first featured Jewellery Designer, how does that feel? 

Max, I am honored, to be the first featured Jewellery Designer, Thank you ever so much for choosing me.
Sound like an obvious question, but what got you into Jewellery in the first place? 
No not at all, well I don't come from a jewellery family, I am just a London girl from Peckham. I actually became fascinated with hand construction when I was 21, we went to Mexico, Taxco and I just watched people working for hours, when we came home I quit my job at Barclays and set up a market stand and sold my own jewellery that I had began fabricating, (nothing fancy just bead work), at the same time I applied to go back to school to learn jewellery manufacturing as a trade.     
You studied on the  Jewellery & Silversmithing Degree at Birmingham City, What was that like ?
It is a small university in the heart of the jewellery quarter, very well connected with the major suppliers and designers, for me it was really hard at first because then I had no back ground in jewellery or art, I had the drawing skills of a toddler and the imagination of a cat, on our first project I spent the entire first day saw piercing with my blade upside down, I am blessed as most of my colleagues whom are now friends are very talented artists and by the end of the first project I could hold in saw the right way round, by the end of the first year I won my first design award.    
How did your relationship with 3D Printing develop at the University? 
So CAD has been around in the industry for the last 15 years, and it is now the main way of designing within bigger companies, so if want a job as a designer you need to learn to use your laptop as part of a toolbox, as a degree level DFI (Design For Industry) for me it was a year dedicated to learning how to use the computer to translate the ideas in my head to reality, Charles Green, Weston Beamor and Jewel Cast in the Jewellery quarter really supported us as students through that development phase, using mainly Rhino which I still use today great mentors such as Keith from the innovation Center and Jack Row whom really allowed us grasp the basics of the functions in the CAD programs.
What's your one hot tip for up and coming designers in the Jewellery world?
If you have that excited feeling about a project or you are passionate abut a design aspect or the aesthetic of a line, go for it trust your instinct you can do anything you set your mind to do.  
At My Mini Factory Jewellery, we have a passion for new technologies. Tell us more about your involvement with Sintering and the bracelet you made for CooksonGold award. (pictures) 
So Sintering as you know is 3D printing directly into metal, so CooksonGold has this technology available to them since 2013 which at that point there was only 6 of these owned around the world so it was a real treat that they let us unleash our imaginations at it, so I made a bracelet with the inspiration of being able to set your mind free... so inspired by prison life and a caged bird but in this instance the caged bird was free and humans were trapped inside a vicious circle of non imaginative occupations, I love narrative jewellery so many of my concept pieces often start with a quote.  
Give us all an insight into what your up to at the moment. 
At the moment I am working/volunteering with a non profit organisation helping inner city kids from tittle 1 schools (schools with limited funding) to embrace and understand art, while working in a few concept pieces, since starting Uni I have been more aware of other strands of art and been working on my own art skills so this year for the first time I will be working towards art competition shhhhhh incorporating a few different medias into a piece, I am very excited about that. 
This year as far I know I a few galleries in Colorado are displaying my work, but lets see what 2016 brings forth!  
What technologies do you have your eyes on and should we be looking out for? What's the 3D printing scene like in Denver? 
Man, the technology is constantly changing every week I want a new expensive toy! Sprout3D and the Carbon3D are up there on my wish list... one day!!! Crabon 3D is actually a really cool idea for model making as build time is seconds it would be a dream to have one, no more waiting for shapeways.  
Denver is not a hub for technology unfortunately, it has a few jewellers who has a solid escape and a few who use Matrix the fancy Rhino, so I take my designs over to New York and they send it back to me once its done. but I have been making some noise about 3D printing and hopefully one of the design schools here will allow me to create a innovative design class and it might involve getting a cool little printer so fingers crossed I can start something here.
Any other designers on My Mini Factory Jewellery that you rate and think we should look out for? 
To be honest I love people with great minds, creative and innovative really creating solutions to problems using technology... I love the designs on home and garden, the Paris lamp from Le Fab Shop and the Bear paw by Nick Kuppens are great designs very well accomplished and executed, my husband really wants the bear paw!
What you guys do, bringing all these designs and designers from around the globe is a great accomplishment, I do thank you for taking the time and interest in my work.