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What is it like to be a designer on MyMiniFactory?

MyMiniFactory is the home to more than 12,000 talented creators, from beginners to independent designers and major brands.


How to start designing on MyMiniFactory

It’s never been easier for anyone to be a designer on MyMiniFactory. Whether you want to create your first object or your tenth collection, we’ll show you how to get started on MyMiniFactory.


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Your profile is your home on MyMiniFactory and the place where 3D printer owners discover your creations and learn more about you.

A growing list of features for 3D printing Creators

  • Unlimited free uploads
  • Large selection of file types supported
  • Printability checks, which guarantee 3D printer owners a great experience
  • Open/cross-platform: your objects can be 3D printed on any machine (no lock-in)
  • Keep your objects public or private
  • You own your work: objects you upload will always be yours (learn more about object licensing)
  • Options to monetise your content (find out more)
  • Design software integration: upload in 1 click from tinkercad, Vectary, Sony's 3D Creator app, etc.
  • Marketing: embed your objects anywhere on the web, share them on Facebook in 3D and on all other major social networks. Get tips to show off your work.
  • Statistics and analytics: engage your audience and optimize your objects with in-depth marketing and analytics tools
  • We're always available: contact us

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