File Store Seller subscription - Payment Confirmation

on opening your Premium Store

You will receive an email from our designer team within 24 hours with instructions on uploading an STL for sale

How to put items in your store


Upload your files as usual with the upload button on the top bar.

(Remember to upload photos of the printed model.)


When filling in the information about your file, check the box in the section labelled store. Choose "I want to sell this object".


Add your desired price and a special message to your customers.

(We recommend you sell your files over $2 USD.)

When your file is uploaded, it will appear in your store and the MyMiniFactory Market Place

Next Steps

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Can I sell IP Content or Fan Art?

In respect of brands and copyright/ trademark laws MyMiniFactory does not allow sales of IP protected content, unless you hold a licensing agreement with the brand.

How will I be paid?

Store payouts are made by Paypal twice per month - on the 14th and 28th of every month.

Note, the payout will be on the following workday if these dates fall on a holiday or a weekend.

For more info, please go to the Store Earnings tab of your Store Statistics page.

We are dedicated to making transactions on MyMiniFactory as safe as possible so every transaction is checked by MyMiniFactory.

Occasionally this may take longer than expected and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any further questions please contact designer-relations@myminifactory or your dedicated Designer Relations representative if you are already a Store Manager.

Do I need photos of my models 3D printed?

Yes. In order to provide customers the best experience and set proper expectations, please include at least 3 photos of the printed models even if you have uploaded renders.

How much should I charge for my models?

You've put thought, time and creativity into each model, we recommend you price your models at a minimum of $2 USD. You can get more tailored information from the business strategy team or the Discord Channel.


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