Learning Resources

The list below links to 3D printing resources that you will find helpful, especially if you are starting with 3D design for 3D printing.

3D design software

The best 3D design software for 3D printing

Learn more about Tinkercad

How to create a 3D printable Valve Cap with Fusion 360


Learn how to design a battery cover

Learn how to design your own action figure

Browse through past design challenge to find inspiration and ideas of objects to create.

3D scanning

How to Scan the World

Get a 3D printer

Be a better designer by 3D printing out your own designs (compare 3D printers and prices here).

Check out the Wanhao Duplicator 9 (sold on MyMiniFactory).


Post-processing tutorials

How to get awesome photos of your finished 3D prints

3D Printing Content Trends Report

Battery cover design tips & tricks