The Magic Candy Factory - Successful Prints

Hi all, 


Below are a selection of 3D renders of designs that have been successfully printed on in gummy candy to give an idea of what is possible. 

I have also added a few quotes from their engineers about the machine along with some FAQs'  

"Gummy requires a different set of parameters to PLA – it is a lot slower at drying than pla is, especially as we do not/cannot use a fan to cool the material quicker. Generally, infill must be around 25% or higher, but you can get away with less with testing, but the speeds must allow the extrusion to set. Overhangs are the hardest part to achieve with candy. Generally if you are dealing with a design with overhangs (at all) it is best to increase the infill overlap a lot, as lines tend to allow you to get adhesion and overhangs to work better than perimeters sticking to each other. Layer heights should also remain the same. Speeds, in-fills and shell thicknesses can change. For candy 15 grams in cura is the maximum and around 5 minutes print time maximum."


multi-color? - No

Can I still compete if I work with you on this? - Yes, just not with designs you have been paid for

Nozzle size? - 1.2mm

Please let me know if you have any more questions


I will continue to add more info to this as I receive it, and will keep you updated. 

If you have any stl's you want to test, I might be able to get some over to them to try before we receive the machine if you want early feedback.