How to Use the MyMiniFactory Plugin on Octoprint

This Octoprint plugin let you benefit from the innovative Click & Print feature with any printer connected to your Octoprint instance. No more file preparation and slicing, with Click & Print, you can start a print from your phone in seconds.

1. Install the plugin

  • Go to settings
  • Click on 'Plugin Manager'
  • Click on 'Get More'
  • Look for MyMiniFactory and click on 'Install'
  • OR
  • Enter this URL '' in the 'from URL' form: and click on 'Install'
  • Restart your OctoPrint
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2. Set up the MyMiniFactory plugin

  • Connect your 3D printer
  • Go to settings, then the to MyMiniFactory tab
  • Select your 3D printer manufacturer and model
  • Click on “Get QR code”
If your printer is not in the list, please contact us

3. Connect your printer and launch a print

  • Go into your MyMiniFactory app ( Android or iOS)
  • Go to your profile tab (right lower corner)
  • Click on Settings (right top corner)
  • Click on ' Connect 3D Printer'
  • Select OctoPrint
  • Scan the QR code obtained in step 2
  • If everything went well you should be redirected to a new screen where your new printer is displayed

4. Find an object

  • Browse through the categories or use the search to find an object that supports Click & Print
  • Click on 'Print' (next to the 'Like' icon)
  • Select your printer, the scale of the object and the number of copies, copies are at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on 'PRINT THIS OBJECT'
  • The object now is in your Print Tasks Queue, now you will see the button 'Print' if the printer selected for that object is connected and is not busy

Find an object that supports Click & Print

  • Objects that support Click & Print will show the icon
  • To find them more easily you can click on the filters icon on the top right, either within a category or in the search screen, and select the Click & Print option