Monster Hunter Competition - Frequently Asked Questions


Is the competition open to everyone?
Yes the competition is open globally.

When do the submissions close?
The submissions close on the 21st of February 2017.

What do I actually need to submit?
You need to submit a 3D printable file in STL format - this is the kind of file that a 3D printer reads. You are welcome to download any file from MyMiniFactory to see what this looks like.
Do I need to actually 3D print it?
Ideally yes, we'd like you to submit photos of your 3D print as well as the 3D model itself.
I don't have a 3D printer can I still submit an entry?
Yes, if you do not have a 3D printer you are welcome to create just the 3D file in STL format and submit that (so long as it is 3D printable) and the MyMiniFactory community will 3D print it on your behalf. 
Can we choose DLC weapons that were part of promotional crossovers within generations?
Yes, of course! You can choose any Monster Hunter weapon you like.
Can we include a hunter with the weapon?
Yes if you think that will help showcase your entry, get as creative as you want!
Can the design be done in 2D?
Unfortunately not, the design must be 3D and must be 3D printable.