Curation on MyMiniFactory


The Value of Curation at MyMiniFactory

The 3D printing experience can be very daunting, and feeding messed up files to your 3D printer won’t help with enjoying your journey in learning about this technology and what it empowers.At MyMiniFactory, we want to make sure that you have a smooth 3D printing experience. That’s why we make sure that every design hosted by designers on the platform is guaranteed 3D printable. Through software and trusted 3D printing community members, objects are reviewed for “printability” in a series of tools that comprise the MyMiniFactory Wonderland.


A Quality Layer, On Top of an Open Platform

As an open platform, MyMiniFactory encourages all designers to upload and share any 3D printable object, as long as it’s… 3D printable. That’s especially important in a time when a lot of designers are creating for the first time. We’ll never be the judge of what object deserves to be hosted and published on MyMiniFactory, but we want to make sure that 3D printer owners can navigate the community by trusting the content quality.


Help us curate!

The first and easiest way to help us curate the platform is the MyMiniFactory Curates tool:


With our simple picture verification tool, you can help us determine which objects have been printed and thus, can already be published on the platform.

Help other 3D printer owners by growing the quality on the platform, and see objects before they are public!


MyMiniFactory Wonderland

MyMiniFactory wants to help 3D printer owners save time and filament when downloading a 3D printable object. We guarantee this printability by making sure that every object published has been test printed beforehand.

If you are seeing this page, then you are not yet a Maker vetted to take part in the curation. But don't worry, you could be very soon! If you are interested in this activity, then keep on reading for all the key information you will need. 

How to get started:

For your first makers job, drop us an email on or click on the "Get Started!" button below and we will set you up with a trial job for you to show off your printing skills. You will need to send us over some pictures.