What's New?

This page lists the new features on MyMiniFactory, as we push them live to the website. Come back regularly to this page to find out what cool improvements we add to the platform. If you have any ideas, comments, questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.


09th August 2018

Support for "Print in Place" objects in Click and Print.

08th August 2018

Community print

06th August 2018

New version of the mobile app with profile browsing and improved print picture uploading


31st July 2018

New revamped feed page.

25th July 2018

Software check instant feedback on upload


19th June 2018

New Community Prints standalone page.


18th June 2018

Launch of the store:

- Designer can now subscribe to the store license and sell digital files on MyMiniFactory

8th June 2018

Automatic repair of 3D files.

Automatically fixes common issues optimized for printing

4th June 2018

New page to see objects that need to be test printed and a picture of print:

24th Mai 2018

GDPR compliance changes:

- Update of the Privacy Policy

- New cookie bar

- New registration form

- Profile privacy settings: Request my data and Delete my account

20th April 2018

API open to applications for developers:

4th April 2018

New settings to manage Apps connected to your account:

- List and revoke devices connected to your account

26th Febuary 2018

- Android App: Upgrade the comments on the app: you can now open picures in full-screen and zoom-in.

- iOS App: Release of comments on objects like the Android app.

23rd Febuary 2018

Add Click&Print support for the Monoprice Select V2 printer.

16th Febuary 2018

Android App: Add comments on object with the ability to send pictures and pictures of your 3D Prints!

3rd Febuary 2018

Add Click&Print support for the Anet A8 printer

15th December 2017

Add Click&Print support for the Shinning 3D Einstart-C

17th Novembre 2017

Update the statistics page: group your designs views, download and likes more easily by year, month, week or day.


2nd Novembre 2017

We're proud to release our new Android application.

We it, you can browse and share designs from the whole MyMiniFactory library straight from your phone!

A lot more features are coming soon!


20th October 2017 

Improve the inbox and notification performance.


8th September 2017

With the improved Click & Print feature, 3D Printing an Object is Now as Simple as (2D) Printing an Email!

You can now change the size of the print and pick the number of copies. The prints will be automatically spread across different printer beds!

24th August 2017

MyMiniFactory has just launched an exclusive feature that allows STARTT 3D printer users to download directly the sliced file to copy-paste on their SD card and launch a print. This feature is currently supported on the majority of the Scan the World collection (and growing) and allows STARTT users to streamline their 3D printing experience by not having to visit their desktop slicing software. Simply follow the steps demoed in the GIF below.

17th July 2017

Brand new object pages! Object pages have been given a complete overhaul now offering more functioanlity, responsiveness and a better way to display users' designs. If you have any feedback on the new design let us know!

3rd July 2017

Introducing private objects! You can now choose the visibility of your object: Private or Public. When your object is private, only you can see it.

20th June 2017

Compatibility fixes for Google Chrome 59.

18th June 2017

- Bug fixes with Collections in My Library.

- Bug fixes on Scan The World. Exploring museum collections.

- Bug fixes to edit and display the profile Bio.

14th June 2017

Improved search engine leveraging a better indexation on Yeggi and Google. Search on MyMiniFactory straight from

13th June 2017

Enhanced competition browsing by displaying 3D renders for design competition entries that don't have pictures of print yet.

7th June 2017

Increase performance reducing the number of Ajax requests on object pages.

6th June 2017

- Inbox improvement: "Select All" messages across pages and improve batch action performance.

- Add possibility to edit whether an object can print "support free".

4th June 2017

Improve "My Library" performance for profiles with a lot of objects.

3rd June 2017

Launch the new page My Library!

It now the central place where you can browse all your content: Objects, Prints, Collections, Saved for later, Downloads, Likes, Followings

1st June 2017

- Greatly increase the performance of the Scan The World pages: Scan The World objects load faster.

- Better UI and feedback on the 3D viewer when a file is not available.

30th May 2017

Launch the new page 3D Printers to discover and compare 3D printers from our curated list

25th May 2017

Improve the search feature of the API: search results on integrated devices are now faster and much more relevant.

22nd May 2017

Rewrite of the Like/Dislike system, fixing bugs liking objects user profiles and increase performance.

17th May 2017

Launch the new 3D design page to discover and compare 3D design software from our curated list.

16th May 2017

3D Filters are live! Easily give fun effects to objects in only a 2 simple clicks!

25th April 2017

The Inbox messages got revamped:

- Search in your messages

- Archive and mark as read messages

- Fix receiver information bug

- Batch actions with mass select

And more to come soon!

21th April 2017

You can now share your designs on MyMiniFactory directly from Tinkercad in one click! We've worked with Autodesk to let you share your Tinkercad design super easily

11th April 2017

Become a supporter: now you can support the community of designer creators with a monthly subscription. Premium features coming soon!

10th April 2017 

New upload process: objects that are being reviewed for printability can now be shared (object pages are accessible to others than the owner of the design). However, as much as these objects under review can be downloaded, there is a message at the top of the page displaying this fact and these objects will NOT be found through Search or Categories.

7th April 2017 (this is the first entry to this page, not the first new feature!)

Major improvements to the search engine ("Save for Later" and "Like" actions are available from object result list + major improvements to the Search algorithm + bug fixes)