Wonderland FAQ

As a Maker, when do I get paid?

In general a Maker gets paid every 1-2 weeks via PayPal, so you should make sure that you added your PayPal ID to your profile. Payment is still manual at this point and we will build out the payment sytem when the tool is out of beta.

Do you have any tips on taking great pictures?

The most important aspect of taking pictures are the focusMake sure that the focus of the camera is set in the middle of the object, so that the whole object can be seen clearly. The light and the background should also not be neglected.

What if the object is not well designed for 3d printing?

The commenting system allows you to talk to the designer and the admin directly. You can discuss any problem or design improvements with us or the designer.

What if the object is too small to be printed nicely, can I scale it up?

Yes, you are free to scale the object up.

Am I free to choose my own settings?

Yes, exactly you are free to use any settings you think will work. That can also help you to gain more experience in 3d printing.

What material should I use, ABS or PLA?

Our files are not specific defined for a material, that's why it is up to you which material you want to use.

What should I do when I don't want to print a picked object anymore?

The best way would be if you use the comment system by texing that you don't want the job anymore. 

When are jobs added to the Wonderland?

Jobs are added as they are processed by the team. This will usually happen during working hours (UK-time) on weekdays. The daily email with the list of open jobs is sent every morning at ~8am (UK-time).