MyMiniFactory Wonderland - How It Works


Step 1) A designer uploads an object to MyMiniFactory.

Step 2) We run a first software check on the object.

Step 3) The file is then made available for vetted Makers to pick from in the Wonderland.

Step 4) Makers print and photograph the object before uploading the pictures and other information to the Wonderland.

Step 5) We review the information uploaded and validate the job.

Photography tips:

So your print is off the printer and you are rearing to share your creation with the rest of the world? But you want to put it out there looking as beautiful and awesome as it deserves so it needs some good pictures. Check our top tips below to get your model looking good on your object page! 

How to get started:

For your first job, drop us an email on or click on the "Get Started!" button below and we will set you up with a trial job for you to show off your printing skills. You will need to send us over some pictures.