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Print-on-Demand Request

Have you designed something that you would like us to make for you?

We regularly take 3D Printing requests from the full spectrum of customers. You may be a large corporation that requires a unique gift for your clients, or simply an individual needing a spare part at home. Maybe you need to prototype a new product for your company or turn your 3D CAD artwork into a beautiful three dimensional object.

You're in the right place!

Make sure that your STL is printable! Go-ahead and enter your requirements below! 

iMakr Print On Demand

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By clicking "Upload", you are agreeing to MyMiniFactory's terms and conditions and warranting that you own all the intellectual property rights in the materials submitted and the 3D model requested or that you have the necessary permissions from the owner to use and to allow us to use such materials as required for these purposes. We may request evidence of such rights at our discretion

3D Object Preview:
Note: The preview is only to display your objects as a 3D render but this feature might not work as expected. You should still be able to submit your print request
Note: You can left-click and drag mouse to rotate the object, right-click and drag mouse to move the object & zoom-in & out using mouse wheel.

MyMiniFactory may not be able to print your model due to technical reasons.
In addition to such technical reasons, MyMiniFactory may also decline to reproduce submitted material for any reason, including but not limited to if (or if MyMiniFactory believes that):

  • you do not own or have the necessary permissions to use the intellectual property rights in the submitted material and the 3D model requested by you;
  • it is obscene, indecent or of a pornographic nature;
  • it is defamatory, offensive, threatening, hateful or abusive to any person;
  • it could be used as, or form a part of, an offensive weapon or instrument capable of causing harm;
  • it is fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, illegal or unlawful in any way; or
  • it is in any other way inappropriate to appear on or as a 3D printed product.
By clicking "Next", you acknowledge and agree that you will be submitting your request to MyMiniFactory and not Royal Mail. MyMiniFactory will review your request but is not obliged to proceed to enter into a contract with you. At no stage through this process will you be contracting with Royal Mail for any orders placed for your model.